‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Anime final episode ‘Accomplice’ Volume 8

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While waiting for the resumption of the serialization, while waiting for the release of the movie version (scheduled for this winter), while hoping for the demodulation of the author, Gege Akutami It is a plan to look back on the already published volumes (serialized) one by one. This time, we will consider eight volumes and the volume recorded in the final episode of the anime “Accomplice” (the following discussion includes spoilers up to 8 volumes).

Includes the final episode of the anime “Accomplice.”

Speaking of volume 8, the final episode of the anime “Accomplice” is recorded. It is not a story, such as the story of the separator. Still, the hero and Japanese knotweed YuHitoshi have a chance to visit significant changes in mental state for the (Japanese knotweed, Yuji). Japanese knotweed, which Uchito’ the third son, black sea bream (Kechizu) of curse spirits and human half in Volume 7 “Noroi胎nine phase diagram” (conception Sosua), the second son, at the beginning of the eight volumes壊相(Layers ) To hunt down. Although the tiger cane was confused by the unexpected brotherhood, he said, “I’m sorry,” and stabbed him. In the past, the tiger cane has had a remodeled human who has lost his reason as a human, but it is the first time he has killed a human who can communicate properly. Also, for the first time killed Kugisaki ‘Roses (Kugisaki- Roses ), it does not show a state in which unfazed or from the difference of the resolution as “Butchakenantomo no.” “He … I cried, my brother died in front of me.” If you don’t kill, you’ll be killed. It is unavoidable, but the tiger cane took seriously the warmth of human beings that the corpse had. The wild rose, who was not moving, considers the feelings of the tiger cane and carries the sin together with “accomplices, we.” The tiger cane on the left page and the wild rose on the right page. It’s kind of like a movie, with the simple frame division that makes you face-to-face and has a conversation while taking advantage of manga. The delicate side of the wild rose, which is usually rough, stands out.

View of life and death of the tiger cane that began to bug

Not only the first killing but another shocking fact for the tiger cane is revealed. When the tiger cane cursed the double-sided inn (Ryomensukuna) (released the curse power, the inn was sealed in the body of the tiger cane), the fingers of the inn scattered all over the country resonated and released the curse power. It was closed. As a result, many lives have been lost. Megumi Fushiguro, who noticed the resonance, cares about the tiger cane and stops while revealing the facts to the wild rose. Again, Nobara showed a handsome side, saying, “Don’t tell me, I don’t care about the lady.” However, the care of such a lady is also empty, and the inn himself falls apart into a tiger cane. “Kid !! Because I have you !! People die !! The childish and sadistic personality of the inn tried to enjoy seeing the discouraged appearance of the tiger cane. However, surprisingly, the reaction of the tiger cane is not good. The word that came back was, “Don’t tell it to Fushiguro.” In the past, Fushiguro has also helped the resident to save the life of the tiger cane. Fushiguro, who knew the resonance, thought he would blame himself, so he stopped at the inn. The composition is that the tiger cane and Fushiguro believe in each other and embrace their guilt alone. Following the delicate side of the wild rose, the friendship between the tiger cane and Fushiguro was drawn. You can think of it as a beautiful scene. However, I feel that the view of life and death of the tiger cane is getting lighter. The tiger cane feels the weight of life when it kills an almost monster remodeled human who has lost reason. And, as mentioned above, I’m also worried when I killed the broken phase of the Kusōzu. However, when he learned of the resonance, he did not think that he had lost many lives but switched instantly to think of Fushiguro. It’s cool to carry sin because of Fushiguro, but it seems that I think it’s better to accept it when I’m dirty. The tiger cane that killed the remodeled human being, the demise, and the blood coat, maybe feeling less and less about the death of others. It’s a story that is often talked about as a famous scene, but I don’t think it’s possible to say “good story.

Gojo Satoru’s last edition has started!

The second half of the 8th volume, which contains the final episode of the anime, is from the high school days of Gojo Satoru, a teacher at the College of Magic, and Geto Satoru, who will later lead the corps of ghosts. Was drawn. Gojo, the ceiling of strength in work and acts as a lid for inflation, was already proud of being the “strongest.” However, it seems that it has not been completed yet, such as not mastering the technique of compressing infinite force and flipping it (feeling like), Aka. Even so, it is the strongest, so you can see how the potential of Gojo is overwhelming.

On the other hand, Natsuyu seems to be a very talented person, and while he is on good terms with Gojo, he is not defeated by trying to deal head-on if he disagrees. From that time on, he preached justice to Gojo, unscrupulous, and showed himself as an honor student. Their mission was to escort a girl called Seishotai from two groups, the cursed group “Q” and the board star religion “Toki no Kai.” Both Gojo and Natsuyu are showing a pleasantly unrivaled taste, and unlike the tiger cane, wild rose vs. broken phase, and blood coating until just before, it has a light reading taste. However, Fushiguro’s father, who is unemployed and gambling crazy, appears here.

Furthermore, the story gradually digs into the basis of the story, such as a change in the consciousness of summer oil. Sawada was Born in 1983. Writer, video planning, video editing, etc. I became a fan of Kashiwa Reysol just by moving near Kashiwa..”

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