‘Pokémon’ Dande changes the rules of the finals, making it possible to use all ‘Mega Evolution, Z-Move, and Dynamax’ in one match.

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Episode 129 of the popular anime “Pocket Monsters” (official abbreviation: Anipoke, TV Tokyo, every Friday from 6:55 pm) was broadcast on the 21st.

Episode 129, “Final I ‘Torrential'”, begins with the Master’s Tournament Finals, and Satoshi is enthusiastic about the official match against Dande, who has always been his goal. The audience’s enthusiasm for the game between the absolute champion Dande and Satoshi, who has overturned the criticism of the horse and won, is at its peak, and Dande proposes… The decisive summit battle was drawn while his former friends and rivals were watching.

Dante proposed to be able to use all of “Mega Evolution, Z-Move, and Dynamax” in one match, which had been used only once after one game. Everyone) Don’t you want to see a full-powered battle?” he showed Satoshi the dignity of a champion.

The currently airing anime “Pokémon” is the 7th in the series. So far, all the regions that have appeared are the stage, and various Pokemon that inhabit each area also appear. The story of W’s main characters Satoshi and Go, adventures in multiple places with their partner Pikachu.

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