Speaking of ‘graduation ceremony’ anime? ‘Assassination Classroom’ takes first place for the second consecutive year, beating out ‘Angel Beats!’ and ‘K-ON!’

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As we enter March, it’s graduation season. Graduation ceremonies are essential events for anime. Many titles feature graduation ceremonies that bring tears to your eyes, such as depicting the characters’ farewell or placing it at the story’s climax.

He is anime there! Anime! Following last year, we conducted a reader survey titled “What do you think of ‘graduation ceremony’ anime?” We received responses from 94 people during the survey period from February 28 to March 3. The male-to-female ratio was approximately 30% male, 55% female, and 15% did not respond, making the majority female.

The age group was mainly young, approximately 40% under 19 and 20% in their 20s. Pay attention to the music played at the graduation ceremony! First place goes to “Assassination Classroom.” The approval rating was approximately 30%, the top spot for the second time last year.

“The climax of the story is the graduation ceremony. No matter how often I watch the scene where Koro-sensei takes all the students’ attendance, I cry.” “Koro-sensei becomes the homeroom teacher for 3rd grade class E at Kunigaoka Junior High School.” “It’s only been one year. But it’s only been one year. There’s no ending as moving as that,” says the famous episode of Season 2, Episode 24, “Time for Graduation.” Impressive lines related to graduation also appear in the story, such as Korosensei’s “I hope I can kill you before I graduate.”

A school anime depicting a year’s daily life retook first place this year. 2nd place was “Angel Beats!” and “K-ON!” and got the same vote. The approval rating was about 8%. Many readers also mentioned the final episode of “Angel Beats!”. “It was moving to see the dead members of the World Front taking a step towards a new life. I couldn’t stop crying, coupled with the singing of the insert song “Ichiban no Takara” in the final episode.” I have received comments like, “The scene where the students graduate remains in my heart.”

A famous work that collaborated with the game “Heaven Burns Red” ranked high. “K-ON! The second season’s final episode also tells the story of a graduation ceremony. “Azu-nyan is the only junior in the light music club. Up until then, she had been acting strong, but when I saw her crying, I couldn’t help but cry,” and “When it came time to say goodbye, I burst into tears.” Many fans empathized with Azusa Nakano, her junior, saying, “The line ‘Don’t graduate’ is heartbreaking because it comes from Azunyan, who has never said anything selfish until now.”

“The song “Touched by an Angel!” that Yui and the others composed for Azusa is a masterpiece!” The song also adds excitement to the finale of this work. It is introducing other comments! Regarding “Osomatsu-san,” “The Movie’s Osomatsu-san” features sextuplets celebrating their high school graduation ceremony. It’s a work that all 18-year-olds will find funny and cute and watch repeatedly.” “Inazuma Eleven,” says, “In episode 126, “Tears of Graduation Ceremony!” Endo’s graduation match and the others will be held. It is a great episode where the early Kaminarimon members are also active, and the ending theme is “Matane… no Kisetsu.” It tastes great, too!” In “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” “The high school graduation ceremony is not depicted, but I think the quintuplet game at the wedding is a scene that replaces it.Futarou and the quintuplets. You can see the growth; no matter how often I see it, I’m still moved.”

“Detective Conan” says, “It reminded me of the police academy graduation ceremony in “Police Academy Wild Police Story.” It makes me sad when I think about the future of Rei Furuya and the five of his classmates.” There was also a vote. In this survey, titles featuring a graduation ceremony as the final episode or a theme or insert song stood out. Movies and OVAs that depict graduation ceremonies are also included in the ranking.

Ranking Top 5 [Speaking of “graduation ceremony” anime? 2024 Edition] 1st place “Assassination Classroom” 2nd place “Angel Beats!” 2nd place “K-ON!” ” 4th place “Toradora! ” 5th place “Love Live!” (Response period: February 28, 2024 to March 3, 2024)

Ranking Top 10 [Speaking of “Graduation Ceremony” anime? 2024 Edition] 1st place “Assassination Classroom” 2nd place “Angel Beats!” 2nd place “K-ON!” ” 4th place “Toradora! ” 5th place “Love Live! ” 6th place “Hidamari Sketch” 7th place “Osomatsu-san” 7th place “School Life!” ” 7th place “Horimiya” 10th place “Aikatsu!” 10th place “Inazuma Eleven,” 10th place “Ojamajo Doremi,” 10th place “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” 10th place “Sakuraso no Pet na Kanojo” 10th place “Sasaki and Miyano,” 10th place “Haikyu!!” (Answer) Period: February 28, 2024 – March 3, 2024)

This survey is part of a survey of readers’ awareness regarding their “current interest in and attention to anime works and characters.” Regarding the results, we do not intend to judge the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. This article will give you a new opportunity to learn about the work and characters and help you deepen your understanding and interest.

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