‘Movie Odd Taxi’ Natsuki Hanae & Riho Iida: The fun that I thought was transmitted, the play without colouring

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” Movie Odd Taxi in the Woods ” (released on April 1), which is a reconstructed version of the original TV anime ” Odd Taxi ” that was broadcast last year and was a hot topic and will be drawn after the final episode. A heartwarming visual of an animal character, the mystery and suspense over the disappearance of a high school girl, is depicted as a group drama.

We asked Natsuki Hanae, who plays the role of taxi driver Otogawa, and Riho Iida, who plays the role of Shirakawa, a mysterious nurse who has a strange connection with Otogawa, to look back on the TV anime and the recording of this movie version. (Interview / text: Editorial department)

How did you see the reaction of the viewers during the broadcast of the TV animation?

Hanae: I thought it was exciting, so I was looking forward to the reaction of the viewers. At the time of recording, there were some parts that I didn’t understand, and I felt, “Is it interesting?” At first, I was drawn in to see it for about three days, so I wanted everyone to see it as soon as possible. However, since the on-air broadcast is once a week, I was worried that people would notice the delicate hints throughout the series.

Since the on-air started, it seems exciting, but it feels like “Oh, it’s more interesting” and “I wonder if it can be transmitted more”.

Iida: (Nods deeply)

Hanae: I was happy that the final episode was aired, and the reputation gradually spread through word of mouth and that it was conveyed.

Iida: I was drawn to the mystery element, and I saw the completed video at a glance. Conversational plays like word games are characteristic, and the interaction between the entertainers is very comfortable. There was a feeling of “animation but not animation”, completely different from the animation I had seen so far.

At the time of recording, there were too many things I didn’t understand, and I was in a state of solving a mystery, “What will happen in the future?” There were many parts where I couldn’t imagine what kind of image it would be like, such as Yano talking on rap. Some of the cast knew and didn’t know the story’s ending, and I didn’t, so when I was reading the script, it was more like reading a novel than an anime script.

–There was also an element of the love drama between Otogawa and Shirakawa in the TV anime.

Hanae: I wondered if Otogawa didn’t have that kind of feeling, but I didn’t think it was a mess, so I thought it was cute. When there were various pinches in Otogawa, Shirakawa saved me. I overcame it mentally because she was there, so I felt that it was a unique existence for Otogawa when I recorded it.

Iida: It may not be noticeable because the character of Otogawa stands out so much, but Shirakawa is also an exceptional character. I played capoeira (laughs). The potential of Otogawa, who can accept her and develop conversations while squeezing her, is fantastic. I think the two are in a match as if Shirakawa had only Otogawa.

Did you think that Otogawa and Shirakawa were compatible during your performance?

Iida: Shirakawa had a mysterious role, so there was something close to that in my emotional role, but in the second half, something like Shirakawa’s humanity came out, and from there. It has become even more enjoyable to interact with Otogawa.

It seems that ” Odd Taxi ” was the first time you co-starred with them. Have you changed your image of each other through your work?

Hanae: Actually, I had never been together at the time of recording, so that I couldn’t meet. So, the image of the person himself had a firm idea of an idol from the work that appeared, and I had the impression that he was a glittering person. When I met him, he was a very kind person with a feeling closer to me than I had imagined.

Iida: I’m happy. I had never met Mr Hanae before, so I had a more robust impression through her work. I often have the main character in the middle, so I wonder if he has an atmosphere that pulls everyone in, saying, “Come on!” did. Just dodging the greetings makes me feel like I’m talking to God (laughs), and every time I meet, I’m healed.

What was the exciting or challenging part of playing a role in recording the TV anime?

Hanae: The first impression of Otogawa was a bit impolite, and it was a voice that I hadn’t played much before, so at first, I consciously made it low, but the director said, “A little more. It’s better to be natural, “he said, and although it was quiet, I settled on a low voice within a reasonable range. Otogawa doesn’t show much emotion, so when he is rushed or traumatized, and his voice changes, he doesn’t have the image of screaming, so it isn’t easy to play that.

Otogawa is a type who doesn’t talk to people very much, so when he was having a conversation, there was also a direction to “don’t talk too much”. I’ve been recording alone for a long time, but I think it was easier for her to get a “feeling of not talking” because she was alone. The recording was mixed because sometimes I was ahead and others were ahead. One recording was three, and it felt like the first two episodes had a voice-first.

It was Presco, so it was easy to play in my room. It was easy to create my feelings, and I think it was good that I wasn’t pulled too much by the picture at the base. While I wanted to be with you, I imagined that the other party would come like this and record it.

Iida: I was new to Presco, and I started by looking up the meaning of Presco’s words. Looking back on the recording, I find many things difficult. I was asked for a “play without colouring” that was natural in terms of style, and I changed from what I made at the beginning to the direction, so I tried many times while worrying about it. I did. The director said, “It feels as natural as having a conversation with the next person,” but that’s the most challenging thing. When I play, I want to add colour, so I did a lot of “colour removal” work. Presco was easy to do to give it a natural feel.

How was the recording of the movie version?

Iida: After hearing the story of making a movie, I became more and more eager to play again and do it quickly. However, since it had been almost a year since the TV anime was recorded, I was worried that I would be able to play Shirakawa, who had such a hard time, again.

Hanae: Basically, it was the same as in the TV animation, but since most of the movie version was recorded after various things were cleared up in chronological order of the story, Otogawa’s feeling was a little relaxed. I think it was put on. When I heard that Otogawa, who used the TV anime part, had little fangs, I thought.

Hanae: You’re talking with your fangs in mind. As it gradually unravelled, I knew that I was getting used to it.

Blu-ray box conversion was an excellent movie announcement after the popularity of crowdfunding.

Hanae: I was looking forward to what I would do in the movie because it ended appropriately as a work in the TV animation. I can’t tell you the details, but in the film, you can see the story of ” Odd Taxi ” from a different angle, and even beginners can enjoy it. I wonder what I was thinking about, “and I believe it will deepen my understanding.

Iida: When I heard that everyone who watched the TV anime decided to make it into a movie, I thought again that the power of the work was terrific. At the same time, when I heard about the film, there wasn’t much time until the release date, so I was looking forward to it, but I was worried that the staff would be difficult.

There are many new scenes in the completed movie, and even those who watch TV animation can make discoveries. I think it is a work that both those who see it for the first time and those who care about TV animation can enjoy.

Please tell us if you have any memories of taxis related to your work.

Iida: As I may have said somewhere before, I have taken the same taxi three times. The same man was driving, and the third time, the other person noticed that “Oh, you got on before,” and said, “Then, I’ll give you a bonus.” For me. “Is it 10 yen?” I thought, “Thank you!” (Laughs).

Hanae: I took a “lucky taxi” in 2015. It’s a private taxi run by Mr Kawaguchi (Masanori), who has been introduced on TV and in newspapers, but when I got in the cab, I was asked, “How many customers are you?” I was told to call (laughs).

Iida: (laughs)

Hanae: There are cassette tapes on the dashboard that record songs by age. He told me something like, “I’m lucky to take my taxi”, and showed me the file of the newspaper article that was picked up, “I can say hello to all the countries”. If you say the name of a country, it will be returned with a greeting in the language of that country. At first, I was confused about honesty, but as I talked about it, I gradually began to think, “This is entertainment,” and I was very impressed with the excellent hospitality.

Finally, I remember writing a signature and a message on a notepad that had the people’s letters on board. When I talked about doing entertainment work, he said, “If you write here, it will sell.”

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