Speaking of “work clothes” characters? “REBORN!” “Fire Force”

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March 29th is “Workwear Day”. It is an anniversary of the origin of the wordplay of “Sagyo (3) Fuku (29)”.

Work clothes are clothes you wear when you work, and you can see characters wearing work clothes in animations and games. There are various ways to draw it, such as uniforms designated by the company, tattered during work, and clothes with extraordinary power.

Anime there! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader survey entitled “What is a” work clothes “character?” We received responses from 56 people during the survey period from March 11th to March 18th.
The male-female ratio is about 25% for males and about 75% for females. About 50% of the age group was 19 years old or younger, and about 30% were in their 20s.

Characters who work for work are ranked in!

  1. white blood cells (neutrophils) of “cells at work!”. The approval rating was about 23 per cent.

White blood cells, which protect the body from bacteria and viruses, wear white work clothes. From the readers, “As the name suggests, the main force of immune cells wearing pure white work clothes. I was busy working to defeat germs, and there were many scenes where my work clothes became bloody.” The scene of fighting with a knife in work clothes is fantastic!”, Commented that the contrast between the white of the work clothes and the red of the return blood was vivid.

In addition, “Mr Tomoaki Maeno, who played the main character, White Blood Cell No. 1146, wore the same costume at the event and looked great,” said the cast wearing the character’s costume, which was also popular.

  1. PlaMorira Kusakabe of “Fire Force”. The approval rating was about 13 per cent.

Morira Kusakabe is a new member of the 8th Special Fire Brigade, and his work clothes are orange. Also, when on a mission, I wear fireproof clothing based on grey and has a blue fluorescent line. Since the latter is often worn in the action scene, a reader said, “I want to join the special fire brigade and wear it.”

  1. The spanner of “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!”. The approval rating was about 9 per cent.

The spanner is an engineer of the Milfiore family. “Character from the future edition. Their ability as an engineer is fantastic, but the loose part is cute because he is not very motivated. I also like Kenjiro Tsuda, the same as Lambo 10 years later, as a voice actor. That’s the voice. The characters of the original manga monopolize the top 3 results.

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