‘Special Edition Sound! Euphonium ~Ensemble Contest~’, this preview video

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The anime “Special Edition Sound! Euphonium ~Ensemble Contest~” has released a preview video.

In this preview video, Kumiko’s first big job since becoming the club’s director is the “Ensemble Contest,” which will be her first big job. While Kumiko is depicted worrying about problems unique to the brass band club with many members, we can also see the dazzling Kitauji High School brass band members devoted to the brass band.

In addition, the lines of second-year percussionist Kamaya Tsubame, newly cast by Ayaka Ohashi, will be unveiled for the first time. I would like to see the small but “special” youth of high school students devoted to the theater’s brass band.

[Special Edition Sound! Euphonium ~Ensemble Contest~” Trailer

In addition, the theme song of this work will be “Ensemble” by TRUE, which is familiar to the series, and a part of the song was unveiled for the first time in this preview video and composed by “Sound! Takuya Watanabe, who was in charge of the opening theme song “Soundscape” for Euphonium 2, is a medium ballad that gently envelops and affirms everyone working hard toward their dreams.

I look forward to seeing you again in the new episode for the first time in 4 years.

The theme song “Ensemble” is a gentle, hot, medium ballad.

I put my thoughts straight to you who live in the present and work hard. “Sound! A euphonium-like brass ensemble, with a string arrangement was added to create a more gorgeous and deep finish than ever before. Along with the theatrical screening, it will be released in step. I hope it reaches as many people as possible!

And the second movie ticket card, “Vivace! Newly drawn pair movie ticket card,” will be released. Kitauji Quartet [Kumiko Oumae (cv. Tomoyo Kurosawa), Hazuki Kato (cv. Ayaka Asai), Ryoki Kawashima (cv. Moe Toyoda), Rena Kosaka (cv. Chika Anzai)] sings “Sound! Euphonium 2” ending theme song “Vivace!”

Here you can choose and purchase two movie tickets from all 12 types. In addition, a “petit ticket holder” is included as a bonus. It will go on sale from June 9 at screening theaters and June 12 at online shopping sites.

“Special Edition Sound! Euphonium ~Ensemble Contest~” will be screened in theaters from August 4, 2023.

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