‘Urusei Yatsura’ Official Apology

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The official website of the TV anime “Urusei Yatsura” was updated on the 27th. In the 17th episode broadcast on February 9, it was reported that the existing design was diverted without permission for part of the background, and an apology was made. Bottom.

On the site, “I apologize for the background material” and “In the 17th episode of the anime ” Urusei Yatsura ” (broadcast on Thursday, February 9, 2023 (Thursday) late-night Fuji TV and others), a part of the background was used without permission. I found out that I was diverting the design.

He continued, “After correcting the design for the relevant parts, we will replace it sequentially when we use it for distribution, broadcasting, packaging, etc. of this work.”

“We will pay close attention to the product so that such a situation does not occur in the future. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to the design owners, related parties, and viewers for the inconvenience.”

“Urusei Yatsura” is based on a manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” from 1978 to 1987. Ataru Moroboshi, the “most evil” high school student on Earth, encounters the “demon girl” Mimi, who descended from outer space. A romantic comedy about a young girl named Ram. Fearless, full-powered in love, but somehow sad. When it hits, it’s a work that brings together characters from all over the galaxy to color Ram’s boy meets girl.

It has also been made into a game and a theatrical animation, and the TV animation was broadcast from 1981 to 1986. From October 2022, it will be published as a completely new TV animation for the first time in 36 years.

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