“SPY x FAMILY” 22 years, TV animation Takuya Eguchi as the main character Lloyd, WIT STUDIO x CloverWorks production

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Tatsuya Endo’s spy action comedy manga ” SPY x FAMILY ” will be made into TV animation. Takuya Eguchi will play the role of the main character, Lloyd Forger, and will be broadcast in 2022. The first promotional video and two teaser visuals have also been released.

The original, which has been serialized in Shueisha’s Webcomic magazine “Shonen Jump +” since March 2019, is a famous work that has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 12.5 million in the series. Twilight, a psychic spy who has the task of “creating a” family “and infiltrating a prestigious elementary school” to explore the trends of the president of the National Union Party in the eastern country, which threatens east-west peace, calls himself Lloyd. With the killer Yor as his wife and the supernatural power Anya as his daughter, he depicts living as a general family without revealing their identities and abilities.

The director of the anime version of “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” Kazuhiro Furuhashi welcomed, “the character design Neverland promise of” Kazuaki Shimada, music ” Dorohedoro of” is “(K) NoW_NAME” in charge. They are produced jointly by WIT STUDIO from ” Attack on Titan Season 1-3″ and CloverWorks from ” Fate / Grand Order -Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia-. “

The first PV, in which Yor and Anya also appear, contains the voice of Lloyd, played by Eguchi. Shimada’s teaser visual is an illustration of three Lloyds families in two forms, a front face as a mediocre family and a back face as a person living in the dark world.

I am pleased. Thank you for the opportunity to play Lloyd.

As a family member that expresses ” SPY x FAMILY ” in animation, I would like to do my best to make everyone enjoy it.

One last word. I’m looking forward to recording it !!!!! I was upset. Excuse me. I will do my best.

It will be the third anime work of Jump original.

We have carefully worked with the teachers and Shueisha to find out how to incorporate the original work, which has been kneaded into solids without excess or deficiency, into the animation.

All the staff will do their best to bring out the charm of the original to the maximum, so please take a look.

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