Hideaki Anno praises, the first large-scale science fiction ‘Snowball Earth’ of giant robot x monster x communicative disorder savior is released.

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The first book of the near-future science fiction adventure tan “Snowball Earth” drawn by the winning author of the “Spirits Award” was released today from Shogakukan on July 30th (Friday).

“Snowball Earth” is a story of the friendship and adventure of a robot with a boy, set in a world where monsters attack from space. Tetsuo, a “shy savior” who has no friends, and Yukio, the robot he is on board. An unprecedented novel story that depicts the final battle between humankind and galaxy monsters and “afterward.”

The author, Yuhiro Tsujitsugu, is an office worker in his twenties. While engaged in hard work such as animation promotion at a movie company, he wrote the winning piece of the “Spirits Award” and made his serial debut with “Moon! Spirits” as it is.

In the obi of the book’s first volume, Hideaki Anno said, “I feel irreverent that the” giant robot thing “that seriously depicts giant autonomous robots, space monsters, and communication is a correct, strong, and interesting work. I also like robots, and it’s worth continuing to make them, and I’m happy and grateful. I’m looking forward to the continuation in the future.”

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