‘SPY x FAMILY’ Healed by friendly Anya and Bond!

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From “SPY×FAMILY” comes a figure inspired by a scene in which “Anya” and “Bond” are playing together! Pre-orders are currently being accepted at “AmiAmi,” a significant figure and hobby mail order company.

“SPY x FAMILY” is serialized in “Shonen Jump +” (Shueisha) and “Spy x Action x Special Family Comedy” by Tatsuya Endo. To carry out a secret mission, the brilliant spy becomes a family for profit while hiding their identities from each other, with the “daughter” of a psychic and the “wife” of an assassin living together to carry out the mission.

The heart-pounding and heartwarming story is gaining support from many generations, regardless of gender.

A TV anime based on such a work will be broadcast on 6 TV Tokyo networks and others from April 9, 2022, and the long-awaited 2nd season will be posted on October 1. In addition, it has been announced that both the TV anime Season 2 and the original movie version will be broadcast and produced in 2023, showing further excitement.

From this work, “Anya Forger” and “Bond Forger” become 1/7 scale figures!

“Anya” points forward with a cute and energetic smile, and “Bond” runs happily with a gentle expression.
You will be healed by the warm friendship between “Anya” and “Bond”…!

In addition, “Anya,” with a rich expression even in work, comes with a replacement expression part for a “decisive face.” You can feel an extra cuteness by replacing them, so please enjoy decorating them with your favorite expression.

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