Arirang TV, K-POP content official entry into the Chinese online platform from next year

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From next year, you will also be able to watch Arirang TV content in China.

Arirang TV said, “We plan to open Arirang K-POP channels on five online platforms used in China, including ‘Douin,’ and update the K-POP content aired on Arirang TV every week on the corresponding online channels.”

Some of the contents that have been aired on Arirang TV’s popular program ‘Simply Kpop CON-TOUR’ through three sites: ‘Douyin,’ ‘Siguaspin,’ and ‘Toutiao’ was able to watch From next year, Arirang TV contents will be provided in earnest to ‘Quaisou’ and ‘Bilibili.’

Arirang TV plans to launch Arirang TV channels on more platforms in China starting next year and expand genres from K-pop to cultural and tourism content.

By the Chinese government’s ‘Overseas Satellite TV Management Regulations,’ overseas TV channels are, in principle, not allowed to broadcast to Chinese citizens, and YouTube viewing is also prohibited.

Accordingly, young Chinese people aged 20-25 who are sensitive to trends and interested in overseas content and Korean Wave culture actively use China’s own online video platform similar to YouTube.

However, the reality is that many Hallyu contents are circulated through illegal channels, and it is difficult to sanction them.

Arirang TV’s entry into the Chinese online platform will set a good precedent for providing copyrighted contents to Chinese viewers through legal channels.

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