Natsumi Hioka’s Delicious Party Pretty Cure’ as Pampam, ‘One dream came true!’

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Natsumi Hioka, who plays the bread energy fairy Pampam, commented on the 19th “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” in the popular anime “Pretty Cure” (ABC / TV Asahi) series. Mr Hioka said, “One of the dreams I’ve wanted to achieve since my debut as a voice actor was to play a mascot character like a fairy. I was filled with happiness. It was also on the big stage of the “Pretty Cure” series …! I think it’s thanks to the people in the office who helped me and everyone who continued to support me. “

About Pampam, which he plays, “Pampam is a cute bread energy fairy and looks like a dog, but I also have a dog with the same brown ears as Pampam, so it’s very I feel fate ♪ I would like to play both the charms of a knowledgeable, small but dependable older sister and the innocent side that is cute and childish as it looks. Played by Mr Shimizu (Risa) ( Futaba) It seems that I love this place anyway, so please pay attention to it (laughs). “

“‘Delicious Party Pretty Cure’ is a work that makes you realize the happiness of eating rice with someone. I think that’s the theme because it’s hard to come up with. I have beautiful memories. There are many cases where delicious rice is included in the set. I would be happy if you could deliver a lot of such happy feelings! I appreciate your support ♪ “.

The motif of “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” is “rice,” the theme is “thank you” and “joy of sharing,” and the keyword is “rice is a smile.” Set in a beautiful town where delicious food from all over the world is gathered, Precure is depicted as playing an active role in protecting everyone’s “delicious smile.” Broadcast every Sunday at 8:30 am on ABC / TV Asahi.

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