Can it be possible for Sasuke Uchiha to create his own Six Pains?

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I think Sasuke Uchiha wouldn’t care; it would depend on the corpses. For example, if Sasuke Uchiha killed six criminals and then used their bodies to defeat more criminals, I doubt anyone would really care.

It’s a little morbid, but remember, the Human Puppet Jutsu got Sasori in trouble because he began turning his comrades into puppets, not because he used human corpses.

As Tobi showed, you don’t need to be immobile to use Six Paths of Pain, but it does help if you are at a high elevation point because then you have more signal to send the chakra out over a longer period distance.

Nagato Uzumaki was immobile because Hanzo severely damaged his legs, and he used the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to attack people.

The statue sucked so much strength from his body that he just used the Jutsu even when his legs healed. As a result, his legs atrophied, and he was restricted to that chair.

However, while Nagato Uzumaki was reanimate, Kabuto shows that Nagato Uzumaki can still move, just not very fast.

Nagato Uzumaki recovered healthy by absorbing Gyuki’s chakra, but he still had atrophied legs.

Ideally, had Nagato Uzumaki absorb chakra like that while alive and then work out his legs to recover the muscle, he could move around just as easily as Tobi did use the paths.

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