‘SPY×FAMILY’ Yoru’s acting doesn’t take much thought; Saori Hayami’s ‘What am I for’ is an important line.

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The TV anime “SPY×FAMILY” Season 2 is currently airing the “luxury cruise ship edition”. The story revolves around Yol and depicts her conflicts and feelings as a member of the Forger family and a killer. ORICON NEWS interviewed Saori Hayami, who plays Yoru, for each episode of “Luxury Cruise Ship Edition.” In the third installment of the series, we looked back at episode 32. (Text: Masaki Endo / Editor: Hideaki Sakurai)

The film’s main character is Lloyd Forger, also known as Twilight, a brilliant spy who works on intelligence missions every day for a better world. He is assigned special missions. Will arrive. She aims to start a family and infiltrate a social gathering at a prestigious school. Twilight takes on the role of Lloyd, a psychiatrist, and creates a family, but the daughter Anya he meets is a psychic who can read minds, and his wife Yor is a murderer. It was a shop.

This is a spy action comedy in which a “temporary family” who hide each other’s identities for their purposes take on a mission. The story depicts an episode in which a mafia member who is being targeted is escorted on a luxury cruise ship.

In the battle in episode 32, you defeated the enemy with Anya’s support, but afterward, in flashbacks, you said, Don’t get your priorities wrong” What is the “Princess of Thorns (me)” for?” There was a conflict as a killer. It’s challenging to differentiate between roles, but please tell me what you value while acting.

The important thing is not to overthink. For example, when thinking, ” “I think it’s best not to change this since it’s always been in killer mode,” I sometimes get instructions to “just make it more normal!” She also moves unconsciously, so her acting would be better suited if she didn’t consider it too much.

It’s common to think about how to act each time you read a script, so it seems complicated not to think about it.

I think the “What am I for” scene is critical in the “Luxury Cruise Ship Arc.” “Luxury Cruise Ship” is an episode in which, while she is alone, she reconsiders why she continues to be a killer and why I am living like this. I wanted to play this role carefully because it depicts her struggle and determination to recover from this question. I would be happy if the inside of Yeol were conveyed to the fans.

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