‘It’s a divine anime!?’ Why my husband, who grew up in an all-boys school and is extremely shy, has changed completely

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The long-running program” “Welcome, newlyweds!” On the November 19th episode of “Crossminton” (ABC TV), a refreshing couple who represent Japan in a sport called “Crossminton” and boast the third place in the world in mixed pairs will appear.” is a new type of racket sport that combines the best aspects of tennis, badminton, and squash.

They use rackets to hit speeders, which are different from balls or shuttlecocks, and the smashes of top players are said to reach speeds of up to 300 km/h. Of course, the two met at Crossminton. When her wife joined her current team and participated in practice, her husband showed up at the venue. At that time, her husband was already ranked second in men’s singles in Japan.

For his wife, who was still a novice, he was on a high level, and her husband also radiated an aura that told her not to talk to him casually. The wife, who wants to get even a little closer, tries to make eye contact every morning after that, saying “Good morning,” but her husband’s reaction is feeble.

When this situation continued for three months, my girlfriend’s wife suddenly mentioned her favorite anime,” Love Live!” When my husband heard this, he got excited and started talking furiously, saying, “Do you know that?! That’s an amazing anime!?” My husband graduated from an all-boys school and is extremely shy. She was too embarrassed to look the girl in the eye, but this incident made her suddenly open up. After that, the two suddenly approached each other. At one point, a teammate made a shocking comment, saying, “How long have you two been dating?” Her husband panicked and confessed, “Tsukia…huh?” they started dating without incident.

The happy couple’s goal is to become number one in the world in mixed doubles. A husband who trains, stretches, and cares for his body daily expresses dissatisfaction with his wife. Could it be that her wife is skipping her weight training or is so obsessed with her nails that she neglects her workouts? That’s what it means.

However, when his wife, ranked 3rd in the world in women’s singles, reveals that her husband is ranked 32nd, her husband is suddenly forced into a difficult situation. The hilarious talk about the reversal of the power balance between the couple will be broadcast on November 19th at 12:55 p.m.

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