Started broadcasting three channels such as ‘BS Yoshimoto’ on BS digital. Video distribution for smartphones

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Starting with “BS Yoshimoto” (265ch), which will open on March 21st on BS digital broadcasting, “BS Matsutake Tokyu” (260ch) on the 26th, and “BS Japanext” (263ch) on the 27th will be broadcast on new channels one after another. Begins. Some also support online distribution and application linkage.

BS Yoshimoto, which the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group handles, starts at noon on the 21st. With the concept of “regional revitalization,” we have a lineup of programs featuring “locally living entertainers” from 47 prefectures.

For people who do not have a BS reception environment, we will start distributing online videos simultaneously. Viewers can watch it for free using a smartphone or PC from the “Video distribution” menu on the BS Yoshimoto official website (excluding some programs).

BS Shochiku Tokyu is a broadcasting station handled by Shochiku Broadcasting and Tokyu. From the 26th, original programs such as movies, dramas, Kabuki, and theatrical performances will be broadcast.

At 4:30 pm on the 27th, we will broadcast “Tora-san Fan Club Tora-san Special! Your Tora-san My Tora-san” with the theme of the movie “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo” series. The guest is directed by Yoji Yamada.

BS Japanese, which is operated by a group company of Japanese Holdings, known for mail order, is scheduled to open on the 27th. Broadcast a wide range of sports, entertainment, and animation programs.

The quiz program “Panel Quiz Attack 25 Next” will be broadcast from 1:00 pm on the 27th. At the time of the announcement in January, the resurrection of the popular quiz show at other stations became a hot topic.

Japan has released the BS Japanext linked app “Connected Japanese” (iOS, Android) with added functions to the official app. Viewers can watch the simultaneous distribution of the program on their smartphones, post comments on the program, and purchase products introduced in the program. You can also apply for the Panel Quiz Attack 25 Next qualifying session from the app.

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