World K-Pop Center plans to establish ‘K-POP International School.’

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[Reporter Hyejin Jeong] The World K-Pop Center (CEO Park Seong-jin), which is expanding and reorganizing Namsan, the center of Seoul, into a holy place for K-pop, announced that it will establish a ‘K-pop International School’ in Namsan to foster global K-pop talent.

A unique curriculum that can satisfy the demands of domestic students as well as the needs of numerous prospective students from various countries at the same time to make it an official K-pop specialized school by converging the global K-pop syndrome and the conditions for professional education The distinction between education, facilities, and career advancement has been reinforced.

In particular, the World K-Pop Center’s ‘K-POP International School’ is a school for teenagers that fall under the middle and high school course, so it is a systematic education system in consideration of the expectations and concerns of parents about going to a higher school such as a university or an educational institute. It is characterized by reorganization and reinforcement.

Meanwhile, on the 16th, World K-Pop Center signed a business agreement with SSI Open School, an education corporation headquartered in Seattle, USA, to establish a ‘K-POP International School.’ The deal was made to reinforce and promote academic literacy based on the curriculum for nurturing artists in the entertainment industry.

SSI Open School, which has a professional system such as educational curriculum and consulting, that advances students to top 50 universities in the world, such as the Ivy League in the US and Hong Kong prestigious universities, promotes mutually beneficial development through active exchanges with the World K-Pop Center, -We will actively cooperate to improve the educational level of POP international schools. This marked the beginning of the ‘K-POP International School,’ which aims to foster K-pop talents with enhanced academic capabilities and professionalism in K-pop education.

‘K-POP International School’ is the World K-Pop Center located at 72 Jangchungdan-to, Jung-gu, in the center of Seoul. As for the curriculum, general subjects (international school courses) will be taught in the morning, and specialized K-POP courses will be held in the afternoon.

Upon graduation, students are eligible to enter prestigious universities in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) From the point of view of a teenage student who dreams of becoming a K-pop artist, they can strengthen their academic basics while strengthening K-pop’s capabilities through K-pop specialized education. After graduating, he can go on to leading universities globally and at the same time as a K-pop artist. It is an ideal place to go to college, where you are also allowed to be selected as a graduate student.

In addition, through the K-POP artist training curriculum owned by the World K-Pop Center, a unique system and educational benefits are expected to allow all students to acquire the ‘K-POP Trainer Certificate’ Level 2 before graduation. At the same time, through K-POP CLICK, a K-POP content platform developed and operated by the World K-Pop Center, we stand on stage with the best K-POP artists in Korea, and the process transfers LIVE broadcasts and VODs to the window. Expectations were amplified by revealing that an unprecedented opportunity to be broadcast to the world was also provided.

Regarding establishing the ‘K-POP International School,’ the World K-Pop Center is expected to be reborn as a cradle for nurturing K-pop talents with a strong curriculum with professionalism and balance. We will spare no effort to provide full support to students who dream of becoming K-POP artists with our long-standing know-how of K-pop content production and entertainment industry know-how.”

In the case of overseas students, there were difficulties entering Korea, staying in Korea for an extended time, and receiving professional K-pop education due to the student’s visa acquisition problem. Inquiries for admission soared, and it is said that many students are expressing their intention to apply.

The status of domestic K-pop artists, including BTS, the best K-pop global star born in Korea, has been recognized worldwide, and the ‘K-POP International, The news of the establishment of ‘School,’ is expected to have a significant impact on the domestic and foreign education markets that focus on specialization and differentiation.

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