The original depiction of the ‘Freeren’ anime is a ‘good modification.’ Fans of the original also praise it for ‘increased depth.’

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The meaning of “Stark’s milking” depicted in anime episode 17

When it comes to anime works based on manga, there is often a lot of talk about ”anymore production,” for better or worse. While some fans hate the idea of ​​“modifying the original work”, we also see that if the content of the manga is adapted into an anime, the expression is difficult to convey. It can be said that this is a problem that always worries anime people.

It has been broadcast for two consecutive seasons since the fall of 2023 and shines with delicate anime original depictions close to an ideal. The original work is a fantasy manga by Kaneto Yamada (original story) and Tsukasa Abetsu (art) that has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday since 2020. Even before it became an anime, it had won various awards and gained popularity as a masterpiece.

The anime version Madhouse produced is a faithful adaptation of the original work, with almost no changes to the setting or story. Furthermore, the fact that most of the dialogue in the story is the same as the original story has been a hot topic.

However, on the other hand, one of the characteristics of the anime version is that you can see clever, original production that complements the original work. For example, the scene in episode 9 that left an impression on me was when Count Granato talked about countermeasures against the “scales of obedience” held by Aura on the guillotine. When revealing that “those with a strong will were able to resist, albeit temporarily,” a particular soldier was depicted. In the original story, this soldier was drawn in such a way that it was hard to tell who he was, but in the anime, it is clearly shown that he is Count Granato’s dead son.

There may be disagreements as to whether it was necessary to depict the ending of Count Granato’s son clearly, but the fact that he was a hero who resisted Aura until the end was more accessible for viewers to understand than in the original work. It was conveyed to the. Also, in episode 17, “Then, Do Well, ” various anime depictions were seen. The scene that attracted a lot of attention was the scene in part B, where Stark is milked.

The story depicts Stark helping milk a cow while his companion Fern is sick and recuperating, but this scene does not appear in the original story. Just before that, there was an incident in which Stark pressed down firmly on Fern’s shoulder, and she scolded him for “Be gentle!” It seems that fans are whispering, “Maybe he was.” By the way, in the scene where Fern, who was feeling unwell, was carried to the mountain hut, in the original story, she was carried on her back, but in the anime, Stark carried the princess in his arms. Maybe this is also the influence of “Be kind!”

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