Staying in Japan is ‘like a dream or anime’ Russian players coming to Japan thank Japan ‘I love Japan’

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“I love Japan,” reveals in Japanese.

Overseas players are coming to Japan one after another ahead of the opening of the Paralympics on the 24th. The Russian athletes who entered the Olympic Village were impressed with their stay in Japan, saying “like a dream” and “like an anime.” The photos I posted are receiving a lot of attention.

“Everything is like a dream, well, or as an anime,” Anastasia Gontal posted the three photos of.

At the Tokyo Olympics, she participated in women’s 100-meter freestyle swimming. It seems that he is also participating in the Paralympics as support. He appeared to be entirely fascinated by Japan during his short stay and added in Japanese, “ps I love Japan.” The second piece also shows the figure wearing the Paralympic mascot, Someity ‘s hat. Responses such as “Dreams come true!”, “Wow, photos!”, “On a hat,” “Good results and good luck!”

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