Critique of ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ Utilizing the old work as a legacy, we dare to summarize Spider-Man!

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When Dr. Octopus, played by Alfred Molina, stood in front of Peter Parker (Tom Holland), I remembered the comments I had made in the past when I interviewed Jon Watts, and the emotions that came up leaked out. That’s what happened. The world of Spider-Man that Sony Pictures has overwritten twice in just 20 years. This is because the elements of the old trilogy (02-07) directed by Sam Raimi underneath it violently moved the story as one of the gears.

This time, which is the third solo of MCU Spidey, taking advantage of the multiverse setting (multiverse), the supervillains of the Raimi version trilogy, and the fantastic duology (12-14) will appear in this work of a different dimension. Rice field. This bizarre concept was used as a foundation in the anime “Spider-Man: Spider-Birth” (18), and by inviting Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) from the Disney MCU, the mechanism of the intersection of different spaces is magically justified. Then, he tries to rescue the villain army that has fallen into darkness and destroyed himself in each world.

But this noisy and ad hoc development challenges Peter’s belief in injustice in a cruel manner. It gives the MCU Spider, which started in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (17), a sensational break, and by extension, brings a tremendous scale to work, summarizing the very existence of Spider-Man. At the same time, it also gives good answers to the dilemmas of the past trilogy and duology. As a result, the film defines the lesson underlying the title character, “Great power comes with great responsibility,” as a stronger one.

Watts, who once announced “Crown” (14) and “COP CAR” (15) and made the horror genre the main battlefield, said, “The Evil Dead” (81) to the superhero movie. Raimi, who has run-up, is praised as an eternal hero for herself. This work, which proves that Spider-Man so far is not a waste stone for today, but a prestigious existence as a legacy, embodies his words. Spidey’s “Dear Neighbors” image is pervasive with this diversity.

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