‘The world’s most mischievous Japanese sweets have been made.’

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Japanese sweets that reproduce the Doku (poisonous) type sludge Pokemon Grimer that appears in the popular game Pokemon series are attracting attention due to their toxic appearance.

On the 12th, Mr. Ponjiro, an office worker who made Japanese sweets, posted on his Twitter account “Ponjiro Food Art” (@Ponjiro_cry) that “the world’s most mischievous Japanese sweets have been made”. There were various reactions to the lively appearance of Grimer, such as “Is it courageous to eat?” And “Poison is inevitable.” “Before I made it, I was wondering if I could have a beautiful and transparent child, but when I finished it, I had a child who was more realistic than I expected and had no appetite.”

Grimer Japanese sweets form by wrapping warabi mochi with purple potato-based Neri-Kiri. The black sesame was used for the round eyes. Sprinkle hot candy-shaped warabi mochi from above to reproduce the sticky feeling. It was necessary to make it raw and short, and the cooking time was 13 minutes. As for the taste that he was interested in, he answered, “Contrary to the appearance, the sweetness of purple potatoes is not too sweet, and the texture is chewy and smooth, which makes it very delicious.”

Pokemon love is strong, and almost all the games have been played. Mr. Ponjiro started making Pokemon with Japanese sweets in 2021. When he thought about making Pokemon from Warabimochi, he adopted it because he happened to see Grimer on the screen of the game app “Pokemon Go.” The anime has often been watched as the first series broadcast on TV in Tokyo from 1997 to 2002. He also had a strong feeling for the sticky rimer in the series, saying, “The point I’m particular about is the snarling mouth! Without this, it wouldn’t look sticky.”

As of the 16th, retweets have exceeded 12,000, and “likes” has surpassed 106,000. While I was surprised at the magnitude of the response, there were some replies such as “I want to do Pokemon!” And “Let’s start making Japanese sweets” in the reaction, and I was happy to be able to convey the fun through my work. I was delighted.

Mr. Ponjiro has created many Japanese Pokemon sweets such as Fire Horse Pokemon Ponyta and Jumpluff Pokemon Watacco. The number of Pokemon has exceeded 900 types by the latest game, “Pok√©mon Legends Arceus,” It is challenging to decide on the following work, saying, “It is hard for all the children I want to make every day.” He said, “Because there are various kinds of Pokemon that can be made by request other than the ones you want to make, the goal is to make all Pokemon with Japanese sweets someday.”

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