Summer animation ‘Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Gorgeous voice actors gather

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The new future TV “ABEMA” will start on Saturday, July 2 at 9 pm, just before the unique program “TV Anime” Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “is broadcast! -Everyone’s Wai Wai Grand Assembly Special- “will be broadcast exclusively.

“Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” is a manga by story draft: Inujun, manga: Namamugi, draft cooperation: Team Y (Mikoi Sasaki / Aimi / Ayasa Ito). “Teppen !!!” is an original animation with the theme of “laughter” in the initial draft. This work was born when Mikoi Sasaki, Ayasa Ito, and Aimi performed an improvisational control at a particular event in 2019 by the voice actor unit, voice actor three sisters [Team Y]. The youth story of high school girls aiming for the top of the high school student laughter championship “Toppen Grand Prix” is drawn, and great expectations are placed on the first TV animation that will start in July 2022.

This time, on the “ABEMA Anime Channel,” from 9 pm on Saturday, July 2, just before the unique program “TV Anime” Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “is broadcast. Yo! ~ Everyone’s Wai Wai Grand Assembly Special ~” will be broadcast exclusively.

This program, which will be broadcast just before the first episode, includes Ayasa Ito, Aimi, Mikoi Sasaki, Meg Sakuragawa, Aina Aiba, Riko Kohara, Momoyo Koyama, and ED singer May’n. A total of 8 gorgeous voice actors gathered. We will deliver a one-hour unique program with a lot of content such as the contents and trajectory of the work, the introduction of characters, highlight talk of the first episode, variety of corners related to the job.

Also, from 10 pm immediately after the special program broadcast, the first episode of “Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” will be broadcast on terrestrial and exclusive advance.

Only “ABEMA” can fully enjoy the charm of the youth story “Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” of “Owarai x High School Girl” in a unique program by a gorgeous performer. Don’t miss it along with the pre-broadcast of the first episode.

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