Taeko Ohnuki’s song in the play is colorful! ‘Words Bubbling Up Like Cider’ Special PV

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From the animated movie “Words Bubbling Up Like a Cider” (released on July 22nd), a unique PV containing the song “YAMAZAKURA” written by Taeko Ohnuki has been removed.

This work is an animation directed by Kyohei Ishiguro, such as the anime “Children of the Whales Sing on the Sand .” Set in a local city in the summer, Cherry, a boy who is not good at communication and can’t say what he thought other than haiku, meets Smile, a masked girl who can’t overcome the complex of appearance and shortens the distance with words and music. The figure is drawn. The main characters’ voices are handled by Somegoro Ichikawa (role of Cherry) and Hana Sugisaki function of Smile).

This time, what was released is a unique PV where you can watch the main video on the song “YAMAZAKURA” by Onuki. Cherry and Smile will shorten the distance by searching for a record to fulfill the wishes of the older man Fujiyama who met at a part-time job, but this song in the play is a memory of the history lost by the older man Fujiyama. The setting of a song appears as a song of “Sakura Fujiyama” in the play. It is an important song that can be called a so-called character song.

“YAMAZAKURA,” written from the perspective of Sakura, uses the lyrics of the memory of love with a young Fujiyama old man. Still, it overlaps with the ongoing love pattern of Cherry and Smile. Even in PV, Fujiyama and Sakura, Cherry and Smile overlap, and various emotions such as joy and conflict of love and feelings of cherishing the other party are spelled out.

Director Ishiguro, who has been a fan of Onuki since he was a student, wrote the scenario and storyboards for the final stage of this work while listening to “Spring Letter” (1993). At the final stage of production, when I tried to convey my hope when ordering music, it was decided that Onuki would write a new song and take charge of the song. It seems that he told Onuki about the back settings (rough plot) of the characters that do not appear in the main story, and Onuki picked them up and completed the song. At that time, Onuki said, “Isn’t this about you?” And surprised Ishiguro. (Editorial Department, Keisuke Ouchi)

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