Taiki Shuttle dies ‘Uma Musume’ official commemorates ‘a great horse’ Fans lament the voice of the strongest Miler in history

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Famous horse Taiki Shuttle passed away around 5 am on the 17th. Authorized NPO Corporation Retirement Hall Association announced. he was 28 years old. He has also appeared in the popular content “Uma Musume”, and in response to this, the official “Uma Musume” mourned his death on Twitter.

Taiki Shuttle during his lifetime… Cute gestures and energetic appearance, on Twitter: “On August 17th, I received the news of the death of Taiki Shuttle, which is used as a motif in this work. I would like to express my condolences to those involved. I also pray from the bottom of my heart that the great horse may rest in peace.”

On the Internet, horse racing fans and Uma Musume fans commented, “Taiki Shuttle I met a year ago, although it’s waning, it was cool to have the style of the Mile King”, and “I became a fan of the anime Uma Musume! I wanted to see it.”

“Thank you for all the excitement. Good night. No matter how fast kids come out in the future, Taiki Shuttle is the strongest Miler in my life.”Also, on the website of the Retirement Association, ‘This is sad news. Taikishuttle died in the stable at around 5:00 am on the 17th this morning.’

“The horse’s stall didn’t look rough, and it seems that he left peacefully while he was asleep, and the veterinarian’s death diagnosis was heart failure due to old age .” The veterinarian said that anything could happen at any time, but yesterday he was in good health and had a great appetite. It seems that he ate well during the night feeding, and when he left the stables after 10:00 pm, he looked the same as usual. He was 28 years old.”

Taiki Shuttle is a famous horse that won the GI Mile CS (1997 and 1998), the Sprinters S (1997), (Yasuda Memorial) 1998, and the French Jacques Le Marois Award (1998).

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