Kwon Eun-bi participated in K-Pop Citizen OST. The new song ‘LIGHT’ was released today

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Kwon Eun-bi will be the main character of the music that will open the full-fledged prelude to the metaverse project KPOP CTzen.

On the 17th, Woollim Entertainment announced that K-Pop Citizen OST ‘LIGHT’, which Eunbi Kwon participated in, will be released at 6 pm today.

K-Pop Citizen (KPOP CTzen) is a metaverse project based on WEB3.0 that is overall planned and operated by ROWOON LABS.

Kpop CTzen OST ‘LIGHT’, which Eunbi Kwon participated in, is a house song produced by New Type ENT’s producers TAK (NEWTPYE) and 1Take (NEW TYPE).

Through Kwon Eun-bi’s lyrical voice that interlocks with the rushing synth sound, it broadly expresses the interior and sense of space of the situation tied up with the keyword ‘we’.

The atmosphere of this song is expected to lead to a bar that illuminates Eunbi Kwon’s new musical sense as well as the role of KPOP CTzen, along with a video created by the hand of famous music video artist ‘Johnny Bros’.

Kwon Eun-bi said, “The song is very good and the choreography is also very good” and “I am always grateful to many fans and I will show you a lot of things on stage with a better image and a more different image, so I hope you will look forward to it.” showed Meanwhile, Eunbi Kwon announced her successful musical debut with her recent ‘Song of the Sun’ and earned the nickname ‘a talented musical rookie’. to be. Correspondent Dong-sun Park, Electronic Newspaper Internet

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