‘ONE GYMNASTICS FESTA 2021 feat. Anime Backflip !!’

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Performance organizers with GK white A is a population Co., Ltd. AKC Omp Any is, Fuji TV ” Noitamina broadcast by” TV anime ” Bakuten !! with” collaboration as planning, technology “new with the men’s rhythmic gymnastics the “Bakuten !! The sacred place of ” Miyagi Prefecture, on September 25, will showcase to the 26 days.

“ONE GYM NAS TICS FE STA 2021 Feat. Anime Bakuten !! ” is still followed by the corona epidemic and place the creation of even the raw expression, a variety of technology. It is a performance aimed at nurturing and producing next-generation artists and popularizing men’s rhythmic gymnastics. What is

Miyagi Prefecture to stage the Iwanuma, high school men’s rhythmic gymnastics draw the youth of part original animation Shon.

Great East Japan Earthquake of 10 years from 2021, the Fuji TV is affected areas to stage the animation to produce three works project “much support. Project 201 1 + 1 was produced as part of the 0 …”.

This work, a junior high school student “in the active end of the summer men’s rhythmic gymnastics boy Futaba Shotaro that has been fascinated encounter with the organization” is, private AoiShigerukan High School: enrolled at (commonly known as Blue height), men’s rhythmic gymnastics join the club to part. And unique seniors, junior high school men’s rhythmic gymnastics of the star with, Misato Ryoya, toward one of the goals hard team draw a figure which runs was Delhi “sports roots × youth sculptured group play is.”

In the trial scene in work, Motion capture is the technology is used, which appeared in this performance men’s rhythmic gymnastics of the professional performance group ” BLUE TOK of YO” members and, Kokushikan and Aomori Yamada High School of Rhythmic Gymnastics the actual performance by the active-duty staff, faithfully It is visualized.

Since April 2021, it has been broadcast on 16 stations nationwide, including Fuji TV and Sendai Television, and the final episode was announced as a movie. What is ONE ??

All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Online Performance ONE is an organization formed mainly by YOHEI, a performance group from White A, from men’s rhythmic gymnastics. 2020 COVID-19 due to the effect of, of all generations, men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics major tournament becomes one after another canceled or postponed, and the day-to-day training for these national championships has devoted the youth men’s gymnastics athletes The regret was immeasurable.

The All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Online Performance ONE was designed to create a place where players who have lost their homes can present their performances in front of the audience.

Participating teams will perform live on YouTube from the practice area, and viewers can enjoy the performances and interviews of the players from home. The number of viewers on Youtube exceeds tens of thousands and regular games. The result far exceeded the average number of visitors of 6,000. This initiative has been featured in many media outlets, including the Declaration affiliated with TV Asahi, and has succeeded in spreading its value nationwide.

ONE GYM NAS TICS FE STA 2021 feat. Anime Backflip !! Actively mobilized the first audience, and in the minor sport of men’s gymnastics, new men’s gymnastics, including anime fans who had never been known until now. While aiming to acquire fans, we will pursue contemporary art that goes beyond the boundaries of men’s gymnastics competition. Performance content

This performance is built in two parts, with one part of the opening of the anime collaboration starting with the acting, the national top-level of high school students acting of us, and under the white, A supervision is a two-part, prop Four -a mer college student who is technology We will perform world-class performances together.

In addition, the performance will be living with a gorgeous original announcement by the voice actors of ” Backflip !! ” throughout the undertaking. The character voice that can only be heard here is a must-listen.

Appearance Voice actor (* Only voice will appear. There is no appearance of the person himself )
Private Soshukan High School (commonly known as Ao High School )
Shotaro Futaba: Misato Tsuchiya
Kamiya Yoshiya: Kaito Ishikawa
Masamune Nanagahama: Daisuke Ono
Keisuke Tsukikan: Takashi Kondo
Onagawa Nagayoshi: Hiro Shimono
Watari Kotaro : Hiroshi Kamiya
the Kurikoma hemp: Ayane Sakura
Shusaku Shida: Takahiro Sakurai

private Sirona high school (commonly known as white high)
month snow Mashiro: Ayumu Murase
Toru Takase: Katsuyuki Konishi
Yojiro Mutsu: Kenichi Suzumura
Hideo Ominato:Tomokazu Sugita
Shunsuke Azuma: Daiki Yamashita
Ryugamori Kyoichi: Sōma Saitō

Last year, the men’s rhythmic gymnastics born prop Four as one of the mer corona epidemics with no audience something target in junior who game continues, and I think that the place of the announcement, “the All-Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics online acting Board ONE called” project the I launched it. We arrived at this performance from the desire to hold an event for spectators for parents who have supported the players. At the same time, the unattended game continues due to the influence of COVID-19 this year and for men’s rhythmic gymnastics fans.

Toward this performance realization, many, including Mr. Sakae Arakawa, organizer of men’s rhythmic gymnastics, received support from the supervision of officials and schools, Japan top level of the team we have successfully bid of. With the cooperation of GIP Co., Ltd., an expert in infectious disease control in event management, this is a complete system.

We will be holding an event, so please feel free to visit the venue.

By chance, my hometown of Miyagi Prefecture is also the stage for ” Backflip !! “, and I feel fate and mission.

Under these circumstances, I think there will be various opinions about this event. However, I believe there is always a chance hidden in a pinch, and if you miss it, you can’t do anything. Find out the hidden opportunities. Now it’s all about action. ONE keeps going. Would you please take a look at “The Dawn of New Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics? “

All-Japan Men’s Gymnastics online acting Board ONE execution Chairman congratulation Yohei Yohei Hori career performance group “white A” belongs. America of the national television program ” America ‘S Got

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