“Taisho virgin fairy tale” spin-off work, comics volume 1

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The TV anime “Taisho Otome Fairy Tales” based on “Taisho Otome Fairy Tales” (5 volumes on sale) by Sana Kirioka will be released on TV Tokyo and TV Osaka from the 8th. Broadcasting will start on BS11 / AT-X.

The stage of the original “Taisho maiden fairy tale” is in the Taisho era. Born in a wealthy family and living without any inconvenience, Tamako Shima loses his right-hand freedom, father’s expectations, and mother in an accident one day. Desperate for everything, he lived alone in a country villa. Yuzuki, a 14-year-old girl, comes to him as a caretaker and a candidate for a future bride. The story is that Tamako’s heart is gradually melted by her always hard and cheerful.

Serialized in “Jump SQ.” (Published by Shueisha) from the August 2015 issue to the October 2017 issue, the gentle yet heavy love pattern and human drama gained popularity, and the “Next Comic Manga Award 2017” No. It is a famous work that won 7th place and 5th place in the “Manga Ranking I Want You to Animate.” In addition, the manga magazine app “Shonen Jump +” depicts the author himself, who should hate everything in the world, and the main character of the misanthropic family, Tamako, opens his heart through the meal prepared by his wife candidate, Yuzuki. The official spin-off “Taisho Virgin Fairy Tale -Kiseika no Shokutaku-” has been serialized every Friday since July 2009. The first volume of the comic will be released on the 4th of this month.

Also, the first novel version, “Taisho Virgin Fairy Tale Kyonihomu Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” (written by Mr. Hamubane / published by JUMP j BOOKS), will be released on the same day. Under the complete supervision of Mr. Sana Kirioka, a completely new episode of each season written by Mr. Hamubane will be recorded.

In commemoration of the anime broadcast and the release of the new issue, we will also hold a band gift plan with a total of 300 people, including Tamako and Yuzuki’s dining table acrylic diorama with newly drawn illustrations, and a commemorative animation fair to distribute one-stroke illustrations drawn at the target bookstore. It will be done.

The comments from the editorial staff of “Shonen Jump +” are as follows.

“It’s been 100 years since the beginning of this story in the 10th year of the Taisho era. It’s been 100 years since the story started. We hope that many people will enjoy and heal the original story, the TV anime, the spin-off, and the novel. Thank you! “

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