‘Chosen by the section manager’ Ranking of ‘anime/manga characters which are ideal bosses’! ‘Shima Kosaku’

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Business Coach Co., Ltd. conducted a “Japanese Manager Survey” targeting managers aged 20 to 69 who work for companies with more than 300 employees nationwide, tallied 1,000 valid samples, and announced the ranking. Did.

This time, we will introduce the ranking of “anime/manga characters who think they are ideal bosses” from among them. Which character is considered by the people who work as section chiefs to be the ideal boss they want to talk to about their troubles? Let’s take a quick look at the rankings. (Source: Japanese Manager Survey 2022)

Doraemon (Doraemon)

“Doraemon. ” Doraemon is the main character of the national manga and anime “Doraemon.” A cat-shaped robot from the future of the 22nd century. The serialization of the manga began in 1969. For many years, he has been popular with people of all ages, from small children to adults, and is a beloved character from all over Japan.

Doraemon is a strong partner who helps Nobita in any situation. The way he always helps Nobita, who has a lot of failures, is desirable for business people. If Doraemon is your boss, you can get through any pinch.

Shima Kosaku (○○ Shima Kosaku)

“Kosaku Shima (Kosaku Shima),” the main character of the “Kosaku Shima” series,  depicts how a business person goes through many difficulties in business and succeeds in life. He made a big difference to the 2nd place and below and won the 1st place by far.

The “Shima Kosaku” series is a popular business manga serialized in “Morning” since 1983. At the beginning of the series, Kosaku Shima, a section manager, was promoted to department manager, director, managing director, senior managing director, president, chairman, advisor, and outside director. It is a dream course for current active section chief voters.

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