An adventure 12 years late begins! The new anime ‘Shinmai Ossan Adventurer’ begins broadcasting on July 1st. The first preview cut was released.

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The new TV anime ” The Rookie Old Adventurer is Trained to Death by the Strongest Party and Becomes Invincible ” will begin airing on TV Tokyo on Monday, July 1st. The first episode, “A 12-Year Late Start,” will be aired today, and a preview and synopsis have been released. ABEMA will be exclusively streaming the episode.

“The Rookie Old Adventurer is Trained to Death by the Strongest Party and Becomes Invincible” is a thrilling action comedy about a “rookie old adventurer” who never gives up on his dreams, woven by Rick Gladiator, who aspires to be an adventurer, even though he is over 30 years old. The original work is currently being published by “HJ Novels” (published by Hobby Japan). It has been adapted into a manga by “HJ Comics,” with a TV anime adaptation scheduled for this summer.

Episode 1: Preview & Synopsis
Synopsis of Episode 1 “A 12-Year Late Start” At the E-rank promotion exam venue bustling with young people, Rick Gladiator, who turned 30 and has switched careers from guild clerk to adventurer, appears.

Despite being mocked by the examiners and other candidates for his age and lack of magical power, Rick has overcome the training of the continent’s strongest party, “Orichalcum Fist,” and passes one exam after another. Still, he is met with a grudge from “prodigy” Fried, who was taking the same exam, and is challenged to a duel by Fried’s sister Angelica.

TV Tokyo: From 26:00, July 1st (Mon) MBS: From 26:30, July 2nd (Tue) BS TV Tokyo: From 24:30, July 5th (Fri) AT-X: From 20:30, July 3rd (Wed) ABEMA: Exclusive unlimited streaming from 26:00, July 1st (Mon)

“A newbie old man adventurer is trained to death by the strongest party and becomes invincible.” Work information”It doesn’t matter… You can start something new at any age!” The most muscular and newest old man aims to be an adventurer! “If you want to pursue your dreams, it’s best to do it while still young.” That’s what everyone thinks. But they can’t give up.

There are adults like that out there, too. In a world where it’s expected to become an adventurer in your teens, Rick Gladiator is a guild clerk who turned 30 and aimed to become an adventurer. He spent his days undergoing unimaginable training from the members of the legendary party “Orichalcum Fist,” which brings together the continent’s strongest adventurers.

Despite being a rookie F-rank, he possesses the fighting strength of an S-rank, the highest rank!? This is a thrilling action comedy in which the 30-something protagonist, who continues to pursue his dreams, defeats elite adventurers who underestimate him one after another with the fighting strength he unknowingly honed! Broadcast: TV anime broadcast starts on TV Tokyo, MBS, and BS TV Tokyo in July 2024. Original story: Kiraku Kishiba (HJ Novels/Hobby Japan) Character design: Tea Manga: Ken Ogino (Comic Fire series / HJ Comics) Director: Shin Katagai Animation production: Yumeta Company

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