The Animated movie ‘Black Clover’ was released in 2023. Album release containing theme songs such as Snow Man

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It has been decided that the animated movie “Black Clover” will be released in 2023. It was announced in the “Black Clover 7th Anniversary Special PV” released to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the original.

In the video, the appearance of Asta, who will reach the final stage of the capture of the Kingdom of Spades from the original, and the dignified appearance of each character that imaged the movie from the animation are included, and the production of the film has been announced. It was revealed to be in 2023.

Also, “Black Clover Theme Song Best 2”, which contains “Black Clover” theme songs, will be released on May 25th. Vickeblanka’s second theme song for this album is “Black Catcher”, Snow Man’s “Stories”, and “Grandeur”, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “Everlasting Shine”, and KAF’s “Everlasting Shine”. Includes all the theme songs from the 9th cool onwards, such as “Answer”.

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