The author of ‘Tokyo Mew Mew’ died, and the voice actor mourned for the encounter of the work ‘It is an irreplaceable treasure forever.’

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It was announced on the official website of the manga magazine “Nakayoshi” on March 14 that Mia Ikumi, a cartoonist who worked on the drawings of the manga “Tokyo Mew Mew”, died suddenly due to subarachnoid hemorrhage on March 7. rice field. In response, the voice actors involved in the manga artist and the anime “Tokyo Mew Mew” updated their Twitter and mourned.

The masterpiece “Tokyo Mew Mew” was serialized in “Nakayoshi” from 2000 to 2003, and the story of junior high school student Ichigo Momomiya transforming into Miu Strawberry and protecting the earth as “Tokyo Mew Mew” with his friends in 2002. It has also been made into TV animation and has become popular, and Mia Ikumi is working on the drawing. The utterly new animation “Tokyo Mew Mew Nyu” is scheduled to be broadcast in July this year, attracting attention again.

Junko Noda, who played the role of Zakuro Fujiwara / Miu Zakuro in the anime version, said, “Mia Ikumi, the author of” Tokyo Mew Mew “, would like to pray for the sudden obituary. I handed over the baton, but I will continue to cherish the work and the character forever. “, Mint Aizawa / Yumi Kazu, who plays the role of Mew Mew, is” Mia Ikumi”.

Megumi Ogata, who played Masaya Aoyama, also said, “I was like a heroine, Ichigo. I’ve finished the role of” putting a bell on so that I don’t go somewhere without permission “, but it’s still too early to go somewhere. World? Mr Seikai. I often come to dubbing and have lunch many times. She talks a lot and thinks about those days every time the strawberry season comes-please take a good night, “she mourned.

In the new animation broadcast in July, Yuuki Tenma, who plays the role of the main character Ichigo Momomiya / Miu Strawberry, also said, “If there were no work called Tokyo Mew Mew, I would not be here now. It is an irreplaceable treasure forever.” Thank you for meeting me.

Also, there are regrettable voices from celebrities. Koge-Donbo *, a cartoonist and illustrator known for “Di Gi Charat”, said, “The news that Mr Seikai has passed away … Mr Seikai was very close when I was writing with Nakayoshi. I can’t believe it because he gave me … I was a very positive and dedicated person, and I couldn’t meet him for a while, but I thought he was still working hard ahead of the re-animation of Tokyo Miu Miu. “…” and I was disappointed that I had neglected to contact him, even though I thought “, I’m doing my best”. “

Satomi Akesaka, who entered the entertainment world after being involved in a project related to “Tokyo Mew Mew”, also said, “I’ve loved Super Doll Licca since I was a kid, and I met him for the first time at an autograph session when I was in middle school. I entered the entertainment world by auditioning for “Mew Mew” … He came to me at every event, and his autographs, photos, and goods became essential treasures. I missed it.

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