Marvel’s first anime series releasing date and more

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Marvel Studios’ first animated series, ” What If …? will be distributed on Disney’s official video service “Disney +” from August 11th. The latest trailer and critical visuals have been lifted.

This work animates various “what if stories” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe under the theme of “What if the heroes made different choices at that time …?” A guide man called a “watcher” tells the fantastic “possible” story of the heroes. Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye,

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Nick FuryThe actors who played the roles in the movie, such as Samuel L. Jackson, will act as voice actors. One of the stories in the series is, “What if Peggy Carter was given the superhuman serum and the skinny Steve Rogers was in the fight wearing Howard Stark’s armor suit …?” The story to tell. In the original “Captain America:

The First Avenger” (2011), a poor young man Steve Rogers who became Captain America by superhuman serum, and Peggy Carter, an elite soldier who was also in charge of the “Super Soldier Project” A sad farewell will come. But “What If …? And they follow a completely different fate. In the trailer, Tony Stark, who was supposed to be fatally injured by a terrorist attack in Iron Man (2008), was helped by someone, and the strongest team “Avengers” was formed in “Avengers” (2012) in New York.

For some reason, the members who are supposed to gather are in Tokyo, and members who are entirely different from Star Road, Gamora, and Black Panther are gathering. You can see a part of the world where unexpected things happen. In addition, Ti Chara looks like Peter Quill and becomes the Lovers led by Yondu, and Captain America becomes a zombie. In addition, there is a word that predicts the new expansion of the multiverse,

“The universe is multidimensional. Each is different. Each is unique.” In the end, the curtain ends with the message, “Go on a journey to confront the unknown and ask questions.” This work tells the story of the charming characters of the MCU in various genres such as comedy, action, horror, and suspense. I want to enjoy the surprising story that “may have happened” at that time this summer. Animation series “What If …? will be distributed simultaneously in Japan and the United States from 16:00 on August 11th on “Disney +.”

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