Enjoy the BGM and images of successive series on the special site for the 30th anniversary of ‘Kirby of the Stars’!

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On March 14, 2022, the unique site for the 30th anniversary of “Kirby of the Stars” will be reopened! This is in line with the announcement of the “Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” released on the same day so that you can enjoy the BGM and images of the next series of “Kirby of the Stars” on the unique site.

“Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival.”
“Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival” will be held on August 11. Two types of production, a paid version of the venue and a free version to enjoy live streaming

News, games, and goods related to the 30th anniversary of “Kirby of the Stars” have been introduced on the unique site. Still, with this renewal, you can enjoy images and BGM of the related titles by choosing your favourite Kirby.

In addition to “Kirby Star Allies” released in 2018 from the first “Kirby Star Allies”, images of “Kirby Air Ride”, “Kirby Bowl”, “Kirby Cafe”, and the animated version “Kirby Star Allies” A wide variety of 30 types of the lineup that you can enjoy songs! Choose your favourite Kirby and enjoy the images and BGM.

“Kirby of the Stars”
The novel “Kirby’s Return to the Stars” will be released on April 27. Mie Takase & Tau Kayano Potog will draw a famous work that first appeared in Mahoroa. Commentary by HAL Laboratory and Shinya Kumazaki!

Masahiro Sakurai talks about the secret story behind the development of the first “Kirby of the Stars”. Did the proposal at that time have the origin of that game?

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