The anime ‘Engage Kiss’ is a nostalgic and new equation of Yandere x useless hero x strong heroine.

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The anime “Engage Kiss” has been on air since July. In this work, Fumiaki Maruto, the author of “Saekano: How to Raise a Dull Girlfriend” (KADOKAWA), acted as the series composition and screenplay, and Tsunako, the illustrator who was in charge of the illustrations for “Date a Live” (KADOKAWA). It is a powerful lineup for character design. Not only are they cute characters, but also the stories are attractive.

Set in the mega-float city of Bayron City in the Pacific Ocean, the main character, Shu Ogata, along with Kisara and Ayano Yugiri, fights against the devil that threatens the peace with a love triangle. Many battle-type animations fight with female characters while including love elements, but this work is particularly attracted to characters with solid habits.

Maruto has only experienced many animated beautiful girl game scenarios, such as “Kono Aozora ni Promise” and “WHITE ALBUM2”; anyway, catchy character making is excellent. She has many characters in this work as well.

Among them, Kisara is a devoted heroine who goes to Shu’s house, which is short of money, to cook. She is such a protagonist, Kisara, but even though she prepared her food and waited for Shu to come home, she said, “I’m sorry, I ate it …” Her attitude suddenly changed. “That’s right, and it can’t be helped. I’m doing it on my own,” he said, “You forget about me. I’m not worth living. “Begin to speak a negative soliloquy. In addition to her, when she hugs Shu, she mutters, “It smells like another woman,” and the unusually gutsy “Yandere” is not only cute but also nostalgic.

In addition, Shu’s ex-Kano Ayano is still worried about Shu, who has no living ability. Ayano seems to have an uninteresting attitude toward Shu and the sticky Kisara, perhaps because Shu is still unskilled. I want to enjoy Kisara’s Yandere move, such as soliloquy from paranoia and words and deeds that give a glimpse of the desire for exclusivity, so I would like to pay attention to Ayano’s behavior.

The first half of episodes 1 and 2 focused on romantic comedy exchanges with Kisara and Ayano. However, the second half part is different, and the primary battle is full of science fiction elements with the devil. Especially in the first episode, a fierce competition just like a movie was developed, probably because he wanted to show the direction of the work.

In battle, the show is not the main character who “usually is useless, but when it comes to battle, it gets cooler.” She is not weak but remains unreliable, such as being followed by Ayano and protected by Kisara. Recently, there have been many works of “hero = strongest,” but it has been a long time since the unreliable hero fights with the help of female characters, and I remember her nostalgia again.

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