The anime ‘Pokemon’ has many voices regretting Team Rocket’s retirement.

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Last year, the anime “Pokémon” became a hot topic about “Satoshi’s retirement.” Another thing fans are worried about.

Satoshi, the main character of the anime “Pokemon” (TV Tokyo series), is about to retire. In the midst of this, fans are worried that Team Rocket will also retire.

Many people have loved the “lovely charming villain” Team Rocket for years…

“Satoshi’s victory moved Pokémon” Fans.

The impact of “Satoshi’s retirement.”

After the broadcast of the anime “Pokemon” on December 16 last year, there was a shocking announcement. Since the start of broadcasting in 1997, it has been discovered that Satoshi, the main character of the same work, who has continued to run to become the most robust Pokemon Master, will retire with this series.

Adventures with two new protagonists will begin in the new series starting in April. In honor of Satoshi’s achievements so far, “Pocket Monsters Aim to Be a Pokemon Master,” which depicts the final chapter of Satoshi and his partner Pikachu, is being broadcast on January 13. As Satoshi’s retirement draws near, attention is also focused on the whereabouts of Team Rocket, who has the proper role.

Voices of regret for Team Rocket

Team Rocket is well known for its triumphant and selfish Musashi, the lame Kojiro, and Nyarth, who can speak human language. From the beginning of the anime broadcast, he has his eyes on Satoshi’s Pikachu and often appears in front of Satoshi to capture it.

However, it promises you will be repulsed each time and blown away while shouting, “I feel bad!”. Among the fans, there is a theory that if Satoshi’s goal was to capture Pikachu, “Isn’t Team Rocket also retiring?”

On the internet, people are saying things like, “If Satoshi is retiring, does it mean that Team Rocket is also…?” I want them to make a spin-off of their own,” and “I might cry if Musashi and the others are gone.”

Why we love Team Rocket

Many people love Team Rocket. Why is there so much support despite being a villain?

An anime magazine official says he is a big fan of Pokemon and watches the anime every week without fail. “The Rocket Team that appears in the Pokémon game has a ruthless personality that will stop at nothing to achieve its goal, but Musashi and his friends are portrayed in a comical way that they always fail no matter what they do.

In addition, he was born and raised in such a low-income family that the three members of Team Rocket were treated to snow with soy sauce. , Each of them has a sad past, and you can empathize with them.

“If you ask me anything, I’ll answer the world’s mercy,” “A lovely charming villain who penetrates the evil of love and truth,” and there are many memorable lines such as “I feel bad!” Characters are established. This may be one of the reasons why Team Rocket is loved.

“Take care of your Pokémon.”

In addition to being a villain who is “close to, “it is also said that kindness can be seen everywhere. The anime mentioned above magazine staff continues.

“Even though they do bad deeds, they care for their Pokémon. When a Pokémon is about to be hurt, they act as shields and say, ‘You guys just run away!’ He also shows his kind side by secretly giving presents to others.

In addition, he sometimes cooperates with Satoshi and others to fight different enemies. Somehow, he has become an existence that supports Anipoke.” (Person mentioned above is concerned with anime magazines).

As of 17:00 on January 26, an official announcement has yet to be made as to whether Team Rocket will continue to be cast. Whether they continue with Satoshi or leave with Satoshi, I hope the three Rocket-Dan will have a “nice” ending.

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