In the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Leonard invades against Hinata’s wishes. The synopsis and advance cut for episode 55 has been released.

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The synopsis and cut scenes of episode 55 of the anime ”That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3” have been released.

Rimuru’s journey takes a dramatic turn as he emerges victorious over Clayman, ascending to the title of the Demon King. This monumental shift in power sees Rimuru’s influence extend to the vast expanse of the Great Forest of Jura, marking a new era in the anime’s narrative. 

The aftermath of Rimuru’s ascension is not without its challenges. As the news spreads, the various races anticipate a grand ‘Opening of the Nation Festival’ to celebrate their new leader and attract more residents to Tempest. However, in the Holy Empire of Ruberios, a different reaction brews. The Luminous Church, known for its hostility towards monsters, receives a message from Rimuru’s camp, setting the stage for a potential clash. 

However, it was a declaration of war that someone had falsified. What is Rimuru’s decision after receiving the report that Hinata is heading to Tempest? Rimuru’s new challenge begins as he discerns his true enemies and allies and pursues the ideal of a “human and demon co-prosperity sphere.”

Episode 55, “Clash of Saints and Demons”

On the way to Tempest, Hinata sees the ramen and roads Rimuru devised and learns that Rimuru wants humans and monsters to coexist. However, against his will, his subordinate Leonard invades Tempest.

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