Goods with original illustrations of Yorimoi as return gifts for a hometown tax donation, Tatebayashi City, Gunma

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The city tourism association (Chairman Takashi Masada) announced on the 26th that the city tourism association (Chairman Takashi Masada) would take advantage of the animation “A place further than the sky” (commonly known as Yorimoi), which is set in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, on the 26th.

It announced that it has produced goods that utilize its own drawn illustrations. In addition to being sold sequentially from the 28th, some will be used as return gifts for hometown tax.

Illustrations of the four main characters wearing Tatebayashi-related hair ornaments and holding belongings, transparent files (sales price 500 yen), tin badges (4 types each 400 yen), and acrylic stands (4 classes each 2200 yen) ) were produced. I also made a framed copy of the original as a return gift for the hometown tax donation of 67,000 yen.

Transparent files and can badges will be sold at the Tsutsujigaoka Fureai Center from the 28th. Acrylic stands and duplicate originals will be available for sale and acceptance after February.

Two years ago, the city commissioned four people as “Tatebayashi Anime Ambassadors,” The goods were made to commemorate the second anniversary of their appointment on the 28th.

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