The annual income of a top cartoonist is 84.33 million yen 28-year-old female CEO supports the growth of Chinese cartoons.

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In recent years, the habit of reading manga on smartphones has become widespread in China. Kuaikan, a manga platform born at the end of 2014, now has more than 200 million registered users. Founder 28-year-old woman, ChinYasu(Chen Anni), Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ). “I want to spread Chinese manga to the world,” he focuses on training manga artists. At the age of 22, CEO Chen and his fellow students founded Kuaikan Comic, the predecessor of Kuaikan Comic.

Anime is as popular in China as in Japan, but few manga magazines and books are published. Kuaikan Comic will invest 500 million yuan (about 8.4 billion yen) from the funds raised, medical insurance, and cartoonist health examinations. Burden welfare benefits such as. We provided an environment where you can work on your creations with peace of mind.

The works are drawn on the assumption that they are scrolled vertically on a smartphone and read, and many of them are all-color works on all pages. As the content increases, so does the number of users. It has more than 40 million active users and accounts for more than 50% of the cartoon platform market. Eighty-five percent of users are under the age of 25. Most of the most famous works on the Chinese manga platform are exclusively distributed by Kuaikan.

The total manuscript fee paid by Kuaikan to manga artists exceeds 1 billion yuan (about 16.9 billion yen). The average monthly income of a manga artist is 53,600 yuan (about 900,000 yen), and the top-class annual income is 5 million yuan (approximately 84,330,000 yen). “The problem now is not that there are too many competitors, but that there are too few participants. China has not yet been able to train manga artists compared to the Japanese manga industry.”

CEO Chen, a manga artist with little content, recently announced the “Two Billion Plan.” Over the next three years, it will invest 1 billion yuan in training manga artists and investing another 1 billion yuan in collaborating with other companies to create a new comic series. In addition, he announced that he would start a new “comic drama” in which comic strips slide without scrolling the smartphone screen with his finger.

CEO Chen explains, “Users can read manga while using both hands freely. At a good tempo, one episode and three minutes is a guide.” Youth/school drama and city romance plan to offer 3000 works in various genres, including su, pure love story, suspense, swashbuckler, healing, and historical romance.

This year, Kuaikan started the “Columbus Project” to send Chinese comics to the world. It has already been translated into 12 languages ​​and distributed on 70 platforms around the world. “I want to make manga artists a respected profession, and I want to spread Chinese manga to the world.” CEO Chen’s eyes are on the world in the future.

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