‘Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure’ Festival in Odaiba! Cure Summer, Cure La Mer in the Sea

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The 18th ” Tropical -Ju! Precure” event, “Tropical-Ju! Precure Odaiba Festival,” of the  popular anime ” Pretty Cure ” (ABC TV / TV Asahi ) series will be held at Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall in Daiba, Tokyo. It turned out that it will be held from the 1st of the month.

This is the first time an event in the “Pretty Cure” series has been held in Odaiba. The main visuals of Cure Summer, Cure Coral, Cure Papaya, Cure Flamingo, and Cure Lamer with the sea of ​​Odaiba in the background have also been released. Until January 10, 2022.

An event hosted by the indoor theme park Tokyo Joypolis, where you can enjoy attractions and hold workshops. Original goods using the main visual will also be on sale. Details of the event will be announced in the future.

The motif of “Tropical-Ju! Precure” is “sea” and “cosmetics,” and the theme is “Let’s do the most important thing now!”. Born and raised on a small island, Manatsu Natsumi, a first-year junior high school student who attends a junior high school in the city from spring, fights against a witch trying to deprive her of motivation. Broadcast every Sunday at 8:30 am.

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