TV anime ‘Gyakuten Sekai no Battery Girl’ will be broadcast in October!

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The TV anime “Gyakuten Sekai no Battery Girl” will be broadcast in October 2021. In addition, Seiichiro Yamashita, Fairuz love et al. main cast, teaser visual, PV first series was published.

“Gyakuten Sekai no Battery Girl” This work is “Gyakuten Shonen Hanako-kun” and “School-Live! ], Etc., directed by Masaomi Ando, an utterly original anime project.

Series configuration the Makoto Uezu(“Rampo Kitan Game of Laplace” script, etc.), character draft by Akio Watanabe (character design in series such as “Bakemonogatari”), character design by Keiko Kurosawa (“Astra over there” character design, etc.), produced by EGG FIRM (“Kandagawa JET GIRLS” etc.) serves. This time, the teaser visual and introduction have been released.

The stage is a world where a “crevice of a different dimension” suddenly appeared in 2019, and a different world, “True Country Japan,” that turned upside down appeared. Invaded by the parallel world, the actual country, which continues the Showa era while maintaining militarism, the subculture culture such as manga, anime, and idols died. However, the story is that the girls of the secret society “Arahabaki” fighting to protect the subculture culture are fighting.

The first PV was also unveiled, and the main cast was also announced. Seiichiro Yamashita plays the role of Kudou Hosoda, who is in debt to his parents and hosts the dark business in Kabukicho. Fairouz Ai plays the role of Rin Akagi, who likes anime and special effects. Aina Suzuki plays the role of underground idol Yuki Aoba. Shiori Izawa plays the role of Misa Kuroki, a genius hacker who loves retro games. Cast comments are available on the official website. The TV anime “Gyakuten Sekai no Battery Shoujo” will start broadcasting in October 2021.

Staff & Cast [Staff] -Original Gyakuten-Director Masaomi Ando-Series Composition Makoto Uezu-Character Draft Akio Watanabe-Character Design Keiko Kurosawa-Produced EGG FIRM -Animation Production Lerche [Cast] -Kudo Hosodo Seiichiro Yamashita-Rin Phi Akagi Fairouz Ai-Yuki Aoba Aina Suzuki-Misa Kurosawa Shiori Izawa (C) Gyakuten Sekai / “Gyakuten Sekai no Battery Girl” Production Committee

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