The author of ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Died, and his debut in mourning is nearly worldwide.

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Kazuki Takahashi, a manga artist, known as the author of the manga “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, Has died. He is 60 years old. He was found on the 7th by interviewing the Nago Coast Guard Nago. He received a premature obituary, and there are a lot of voices all over the world regretting farewell from manga/animation-related people and fans on the net.

The voice actor, Kensho Ono, played the role of Yuya Sakaki, the main character of the TV anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! It was a very calm and gentle impression. I pray for your souls. “

George Morikawa, the author of “Hajime no Ippo,” also said, “Kazuki Takahashi “is” Kazuo Takahashi “for me. I was close to my debut, and the person in charge was the same, so I made friends with him. He was also a newcomer. His drawing power has been outstanding since then, but he lacked a spirit of quest. I wasn’t so obsessed with selling, “he recalls.

“Several years ago, the last word I heard, ‘Mahjong, let’s do it again,’ was the last line I heard. I had rarely talked about manga—memories of Las Vegas and in the sea. I was talking happily about the scenery of Las Vegas. Is it mahjong at the end? You are Yu-Gi-Oh! ” I’m not a friend, so I’ll give you a greeting for the time being. See you, Mr. Takahashi. “

“Yu-Gi-Oh” fans also said, “It’s a lie …” “Takahashi-sensei’s work has always been announcing novel games, and I’ve always enjoyed it!” “Thanks to Takahashi-sensei. There is no significant benefit. Even so, it’s too early … I’m sorry … “and so on.

Also, since card games are being rolled out worldwide, “yu-gi-oh is my No.1 manga,” “Thank you for bringing this series to life & I hope you know the Legacy you left,” and “Rest in peace, you.” monster of an artist, creator of one of the most iconic anime of all time and easily one of my all-time favorites .. Rest easy Kazuki Takahashi “thank you, Kazuki Takahashi, yu-gi-oh was my first anime & my childhood. “Resting in peace to an absolute genius.” And other words of regret and gratitude for sending the work to the world are rising worldwide.

According to the same office, a marine leisure company reported that “something that looks like a corpse is floating” around 10:30 am on the 6th. After that, I found Mr. Takahashi floating about 300 meters off Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture coast. It was confirmed that he had died on the same day, and at the time of discovery, Mr. Takahashi was wearing a snorkel and fins.

Mr. Takahashi made his serial debut in 1986, and his masterpiece “Yu-Gi-Oh!” It was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from September 1996 to March 2004. The fictional card game “Magic & Wizards” that appeared in the story became a hot topic, and when the story revolved around the game, the first TV animation was broadcast in 1998, and even after that, the main character changed, “Yu-Gi-Oh! Broadcast to date as the “Gi-Oh!” Series.

In addition, “Magic & Wizards” was commercialized as “Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Duel Monsters”, and in 2011, the cumulative sales exceeded 25.17 billion, so “Trading with the highest sales in the world. Certified as a “card game” by Guinness, it has become famous all over the world.

In addition, Mr. Takahashi participated in a draft and was in charge of “Yu-Gi-Oh! R” and “Yu-Gi-Oh! GX” serialized in “V Jump” even after the serialization of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” In “Weekly Shonen Jump,” the one-shot work “DRUMP” was released in 2013, and in 2016, “TRANSCEND GAME Yu-Gi-Oh!” The new short-term intensive serialization “THE COMIQ” has been posted.

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