Gen Hoshino x Mamoru Miyano ‘Onna no Sono no Hoshi’ PV with character voice & key visual release

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A promotional video with character voices and a critical visual has been released for ” Onna no Sono no Hoshi,” an original anime (OAD) based on a daily comedy manga by Yama Wayama.

Won first place in “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2021” Woman edition (Takarajimasha), first place in “Recommended comics selected by publisher comics,” “Apple Books Store 2020” Best Women’s Manga, etc.

The work carefully depicts the trivial daily events around Ms. Hoshi, a Japanese language teacher at a girls’ school. The original animation will be held on December 8th, with the 1st hour ‘Picture Shiritori of the Class Journal / The Mystery of Hoi’ and the 4th hour ‘Polo Shirt Ambassador Explosion! / Hoshi-sensei & Kobayashi-sensei’s Drinking Party. It will be included in the Blu-ray attached to the special edition of Volume 3 of the original book on sale. It is a pre-order production, and the pre-order deadline is September 20th.

In the PV with character voices, Mr. Hoshi (CV: Gen Hoshino ) and his colleague, Mr. Kobayashi ( Mamoru Miyano ), a math teacher, appear. It includes Mr. Hoshi, who is annoyed by the answer to the picture scribbled in the class journal of his homeroom class, and Mr. Kobayashi, who accidentally overheard his nickname that the students called behind his back.

The critical visual depicts Mr. Hoshi looking at me, Mr. Kobayashi giving him a slightly stern look, and the girls’ school students staring at them from below.

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