The authors of ‘Otokojuku’ and ‘Takumi Takumi’ also participated in the guest race.

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There are as many smartphone apps out there as there are stars, and you may collaborate with popular manga and anime works for a limited time. There are various collaboration partners, from seasonal works to significant nostalgic works, but “Alice Gear Aegis” (Pyramid) has collaborated with the “astringent masterpiece manga” that prevailed in the 1980s and 1990s. COLOPL) is a social game.

This work is a 3D action shooter in which a girl (Actress) dressed in an armed “Alice Gear” fights against the mysterious mechanical life form “Weiss.” A wide range of beautiful girl actresses, ten years old at the bottom and 32 years old at the top, will appear.

The unique, beautiful girl Actress and Alice Gear that they wear are top-notch, led by Fumikane Shimada of “Strike Witches” and Kanetake Ebikawa and Takayuki Yanase, who were in charge of designing Gundam in “Mobile Suit Gundam 00″—designed by the creators of. In addition, there is a lot of gorgeous staff who are irresistible for beautiful girl anime and mecha lovers.

I thought it was a game for tiny enthusiasts, shooting with mechanical objects, but the “Alice Gear Aegis” consumer in the “4th Anniversary Live Broadcast” delivered on January 21st the other day. Big news such as games and TV animations have been announced! I was surprised as one of the fans who played for a long time, and I am genuinely pleased that it became a remarkable title.

Shocking collaboration with legendary writers
In such “Alice Gear,” a “dark guest character” who collaborated with a manga artist active in the ’80s and ’90s will appear in the game. The writers are Kazuhiko Shimamoto, who is known for “Honō no Tenkosei” and “Aoi Honoo,” Akira Miyashita of “Kai !! Yoshihiro Takahashi of “Silver-” is just a legendary face.

The guest characters created by these legends appeared in specific actress episodes or as key characters in-game events. There are various roles, but the shock that the player who saw it for the first time passed the surprise as “What kind of person selection?” And was confused. Information on guest characters can be viewed along with the comments from the teachers on the official website of the app, so fans should check it out.

In addition, the actress by Rei Hiroe of “BLACK LAGOON” has also been implemented, and comic works that enthusiasts like have become an irresistible collaboration for Strike fans. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of manga artist collaboration will be held in the future.

A lot of nostalgic TV stories!
It is not only the guest manga artist’s choice that grabs the heart of the uncle generation. The in-game events also feature parodies such as nostalgic TV shows from the ’70s and ’90s.

There were also events such as the “Wednesday Special Hiroshi Kawaguchi Expedition” that I watched. At the same time, I was a child, the cultural program “Manga Hajimete Monogatari” and the cultural variety “Kanossa’s Humiliation” that I saw at midnight when I was a student. I did.

Shooting in the Reiwa era with the atmosphere of the Showa period
Although I like people who like it, I often hold events that incorporate the nostalgic elements of the Showa era into the game genre of “shooting,” which is not the current mainstream. Furthermore, the leading sound composer is in charge of the game sound male “ZUNTATA,” which started in the 1980s.

While nostalgia for an old man gamer in his 40s like me, the content is that he is worried about “Can young users now follow me …?”.

However, shooting is not so difficult, and you can easily play with one hand, even on your smartphone. You can also play on your PC using the gamepad. I recommend playing on a PC because the screen is vast, and the coolness of the actress stands out (the field of view is widened, so the difficulty of playing is substantially reduced), and the screenshots can be taken more quickly.

It is unpredictable what kind of collaboration event will be held in the future, but probably those who like the contents of the ’80s and ’90s should be satisfied. In addition, it is a game where you can feel paranoid attention to details such as “reflection expression of the lens of glasses” and “denier expression of tights,” so if you like that, why not play it once? Is not it!

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