Additional information on the TV anime “The Heike Story” and the live-action version of “ONE PIECE” & “Saint Seiya”

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Review the anime-related news that was announced in September and became a hot topic with fans’ voices. Introducing information on famous works such as the latest work directed by Naoko Yamada and the cast information of the live-action version of “Saint Seiya”!

Animated “The Heike Story” with powerful teams such as Naoko Yamada x Reiko Yoshida x Science SARU!

“Heike Monogatari” is a military memorial story handed down since the Kamakura period and has had a significant influence on literary works and plays. The TV anime “The Heike Story,” based on the translation by Hideo Furukawa published in 2016, will be broadcast on the Fuji TV series “+ Ultra” from January 2022.

As the storyteller, Biwa Hoshi, the main character is the anime-original character “Biwa.” A group image drama of people who lived hard while being at the mercy of the times is developed around his interaction with him, Taira no Kiyomori, his eldest son Shigemori, his sister Tokuko and other Heike people. NS. Directed by Naoko Yamada of the “K-ON!” Series, “A Silent Voice” (16), and “Liz and the Blue Bird” (18). Reiko Yoshida will be in charge of the series composition and screenplay, Fumiko Takano will be in charge of the original character, and Kensuke Ushio will be in charge of the music. In addition, the animation is produced by Science SARU of “Inu-Oh” (released in early summer 2022) exhibited at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

As for the voice actors, Aoi Yuki will play the role of the main character Biwa, Tetsuaki Genda will play Taira no Kiyomori, Takahiro Sakurai will play the role of Shigemori, and Saori Hayami will play the role of Tokuko. In addition, luxurious lines such as Shigeru Chiba, Kikuko Inoue, Miyu Irino, Yumiko Kobayashi, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Natsuki Hanae, Ayumu Murase, Koutaro Nishiyama, Nobuyuki Hiyama, Subaru Kimura, Yu Miyazaki, Inori Minase, Tomokazu Sugita, and Yuki Kaji gathered.

Along with the announcement of this work, comments from Director Yamada also arrived. “I certainly wanted to seriously face the important stories of the living people. I thought that” Heike Monogatari “was endless like the universe, but it was very colorful and emotional. It worked. I hope you can feel it in your heart. Thank you. “

The title logo of the live-action drama version “ONE PIECE” and the tentative title of the first episode are revealed!

Serialization started in 1997 in “Weekly Shonen Jump,” and the cumulative circulation of comics has exceeded 490 million worldwide. “ONE PIECE” was released on September 3rd, the 100th volume of the memorable comics. The title logo and the tentative title of the first episode were announced from the Netflix series “ONE PIECE,” which is a live-action drama of the same work.

The original author Eiichiro Oda is the executive producer, Matt Owens of “Agents of Shield” is the script and executive producer, and Steven Maeda of “LOST” is the showrunner and executive producer. Written. The live-action logo follows the original design, with the letter “O” drawing a skull and crossbones representing “Straw Hat Pirates” and the letter “E” in the shape of an anchor. In addition, there is the same scar as Luffy under the left eye of the skull and crossbones, and you can see a figure like Luffy on the nose with a hole. And the tentative episode name written on the cover of the first episode’s script is “ROMANCE DAWN,” which is precisely the same as the title of the first volume of the original, “ROMANCE DAWN-Dawn of Adventure.” There seems to be.

“Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War” directed by Michihito Fujii of “The Journalist.”

“Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”, the latest work in the “Ghost in the Shell” series, has been reconstructed with new scenes as “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War” for two weeks from November 12th (Friday). Theatrical release at. The director will be Michihito Fujii of “The Journalist” (19).

“Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045” is the first complete 3DCG animation work in the series. Kenji Kamiyama, who has worked on “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.,” and Shinji Aramaki, known for the “APPLESEED” series, acted as double directors. Season 1 was released worldwide from April 2020 on Netflix.

This movie version is a reorganization of Season 1 with complete grading. Millennium parade will continue to be in charge of the theme song, adding a new atmosphere mix for this movie version of the total size of “Fly with me.” The main visual, which was lifted along with this news, was drawn by Ilya Kuvshinov, who is in charge of the character design of this work, and will be the key to the story, with the main character Motoko Kusanagi and other members of Public Security Section 9 and the new character Esaki Pudding. “Post-human” Shimamura Takashi is drawn.

In the special news released at the same time, starting with the telop of “2045”, in addition to the members of the Public Security Section 9 reunited, Tachikoma, Esaki Pudding, the existence of a new enemy “posthuman” told by Smith, and the mystery The appearance of Shimamura Takashi wrapped in telop is hinted at.

Regarding this work, Director Fujii said, “When I received the offer, I was surprised that something was wrong, but due to my relationship, I decided to take over the movie version of this historic title. Director Kamiyama and Director Aramaki We have reconstructed the world carefully created by the movie into a two-hour awe-inspiring movie. We have created a rich and spectacular movie that even people who have never seen the Shell Mobile Task Force series can enjoy. Please see me at the theater. ” He reveals his surprise when he receives the offer and his response to the work.

Mackenyu Nitta plays the role of Seiya in the live-action version of “Saint Seiya”!

Filming “Knights of the Zodiac,” a live-action movie of Masami Kurumada’s popular comic “Saint Seiya,” which has a cumulative circulation of over 35 million copies, has been completed. Cast information has also been lifted, and it has become clear that Mackenyu Nitta will play the role of the main character, Seiya.

“Saint Seiya” was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1985 to 1990 and was developed in TV animation, stage, and games. It has been trendy all over the world for over 30 years. In this live-action version, which was announced to start production in 2017, Seiya, who continues to search for his older sister, who died when he was young, faces his destiny by meeting a mysterious woman, Saori. A spectacular action unfolds over Cosmo’s power and the ancient Greek armor called the Pegasus Cloth (Cross).

This spring, Nitta, who moved his activity base overseas, will appear in overseas works following “Pacific Rim: Uprising” (18). Madison Iseman of the “Jumanji” series, Mark Dacascos of “John Wick: Parabellum” (19), Nick Stahl of “Terminator 3” (03), Famke Janssen of the “X-MEN” series, “Lord of the Rings” He seems to be co-starring with talented actors such as Sean Bean in the “Of the Rings” series.

He was directed by Tomek Baginsky, executive producer of the Netflix original series The Witcher and Into the Night. Josh Campbell & Matt Stacken, co-writers of “10 Cloverfield Lane” (16), wrote the script, and Andy Chen of “Shang-Chi / Ten Rings Legend” (released) stunts.・ He will serve as a coordinator and action coordinator.

Fans commented on this news on SNS, such as “Wow!”, “Macken! Seiya! Fun! This CG is good when you raise Cosmo!”, And “I don’t need to be aware of the original story.” It was up.

In addition to this, it was also talked about that “Violet Evergarden,” produced by Kyoto Animation, will be broadcast on “Friday Road Show” for two consecutive weeks. A special edition of the TV series will be broadcast on October 29th (Friday), and the theatrical release “Violet Evergarden Gaiden-Eien to Automatic Note Doll-” (19) will be broadcast on November 5th (Friday).

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