The cause of defeat is the need for more resistance to incitement. How did Light Yagami win in ‘Death Note’?

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Was the pride of being a genius too strong?

The manga “DEATH NOTE,” which has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, is so popular that it has been made into an anime, a live-action film, and a live-action drama both in Japan and overseas. On February 4, 2021, the new book “DEATH NOTE Short Story” was released for the first time in 14 and a half years.

Such work will end with Light Yagami’s defeat due to a global brain battle with L and Nia. On the internet, there was a lot of talk about how Light Yagami was able to win. We often see opinions such as “I should have ignored the provocation” or “If I had resistance to provocation, I wouldn’t have been caught.”

Tsuki, who used Death Note to judge villains and was called “Kira,” became suspicious of L when he was provoked on TV and committed murder. By killing Lind L. Taylor, the body double prepared by L, on live broadcast, it is revealed that “Kira can kill in a non-direct way” and “He is in the Kanto region of Japan.” Even if he ignores this provocation, the genius L may have approached “Kira” ‘s true identity. But it probably took longer. His confidence that he has a genius brain seems to have strangled the moon. It is also said, “The murder of Ray Pember and other FBI agents after being caught in that trap was something that had to be done, but it put the moon in a pretty painful situation.”

There is also an opinion that “I should have traded the “Eyes of the Shinigami. “If you have “Grim Reaper’s Eyes,” you will be able to recognize your opponent’s name in exchange for half of your remaining lifespan, which will be a great advantage in battles using “Death Note.”

Shinigami Ryuk offered moon a deal, but he declined. If the moon had “Shinigami’s Eyes,” Yagami might have been able to proceed with his plan more favorably. “If you truly believe in becoming the ‘God of the New World’ for the sake of justice, then I think you should give up about half your lifespan,” and “I wasn’t prepared enough.”

In the first place, voices say, ‘I should use the Death Note so that the existence is not discovered.’ Certainly, if he had the brains of the moon, it would have been possible to keep killing criminals quietly so that his existence would not be discovered. However, Yagami uses the power of “Death Note” to create a “new world” where only good people can exist—and they had the ambition to become the god of that new world.

To do that, it is necessary to appeal to the existence, so it is impossible for him. However, “Isn’t it necessary to deliberately enter the police database and expose police officials or people with considerable intelligence who can hack?” Some people think that unnecessary appeal needs to be corrected.

On the other hand, “From the very beginning, if you get rid of the dictators of various countries and appeal to the world that “Kira will surely judge if you act inhumanely,” you can quickly and easily show that there are no bad people. Some people talked about grandiose plans beyond the moon, such as “I think it was close to Shinsekai” and “I think there was a way to threaten each country’s top.”

In addition, the reason for the defeat was Teru Mikami, who will be a collaborator of the moon, and the opinion that “I should have been careful not to do anything unnecessary” and “Misa (Yamisa) appeared. If he wasn’t so handsome, he might have won.” Some people think that too much is a problem.

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