‘Kinnikuman’ A famous supporting actor loved by fans ‘It’s natural for eccentricities and problematic remarks!’

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In a way, did it stand out from the superhumans?

A new blockbuster, “Kinnikuman,” has been announced to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the anime broadcast. The work is a professional wrestling fighting manga in which superhumans, such as the main character Kinnikuman engage in hot battles. Still, it also has a reputation for its outrageous gag scenes.

In such an interesting part, there were supporting characters of unique earthlings that made you feel they stood out more than the superhumans. This time, we will look back on the famous characters of “Kinnikuman.”

The first person to introduce is Yosaku, a middle-aged man who likes to stand out. He was an embarrassment to those around him with his shameless performances in front of the television cameras.

He is a regular part of the gag part in the early stages and is inspired by the movie “Rocky” to play the role of Kinnikuman’s boxing coach. Left. About such Yosaku, on the Internet, “Yosaku’s naked dance was like a comedian Akira 100% “, “I like the line ‘Oh, I saw something I shouldn’t see~ ‘” Such impressions have been received, and you can see that it is a character that is loved even though it is a supporting role.

Next, we will introduce Kazuo Nakano, aka “Aderans Nakano-san,” characterized by his wide forehead and glasses .is. Mr. Nakano was a character modeled after the editor in charge at the time of serialization by Mr. Yudetamago, the author. He often appears in the manga as a spectator who loves martial arts; in the anime, he is also in charge of commentators.

He is well-known for his line, “I have to go to the game even if I have to pawn my wife.” Mr. Nakano of Aderans was adopted as the character of Nakano Station in the “JR East Kinnikuman Stamp Rally His Aim to Conquer All Stations!” held in 2019. Regarding Mr. Nakano, who is one of the most famous characters in the series, there are voices on the net such as “a great supporting player who is indispensable for Yudetamago works” and “I can’t forget his work as a commentator in anime and Nisei.”

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