Daiki Tanaka’s ‘PARALLEL’ 1-day limited screening sold out immediately, additional screening decided in a hurry

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” PARALLEL ” directed by Daiki Tanaka, who won the Grand Prix at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2021 and won the Film.com Award at the 15th Tanabe Benkei Film Festival, the gateway to indie films.

The film was scheduled to be screened on February 20th at the award-winning directors of the Okinawa International Film Festival Creators Factory at Human Trust Cinema Shibuya. Still, all seats were sold out on tickets were sold. Then, an additional screening.

” PARALLEL ” is the first feature film directed by Tanaka and completed a unique youth x splatter x love story of “a girl with a wound” and “a murderer who wants to go to the world of animation” by concurrently serving as production, script, shooting, lighting, editing, unique modeling, and VFX.

Naraha is also active as a model in the role of “a girl who lives with a wound that no one can tell.” This work will be the first starring feature film.

The role of Mikio, a murderer who wants to go to the world of anime, is played by Sojiro Yoshimura, who will appear following Tanaka’s previous work “FILAMENT.” In addition, Koyuki Sugazawa, Shusuke Teen, Hitomichan, Atsushi Fujio, and Mineo Show have appeared.

Director Tanaka said, “This film was inspired by the experience that attracted me about the” trauma “and” desire to transform “that human beings had when a friend consulted them about their emotional problems. It was tough to complete the story of “a girl holding a girl” and “a murderer who wants to go to the world of animation” in a self-produced movie.

We received many impressions from the judges and those who have deep trauma, and the desire to deliver this work to as many people as possible has increased day by day. I’m pleased that all the seats have been sold out, and the decision to perform additional screenings has been decided. “

And, “This work, which combines the story of characters who live every day while wearing masks, slasher horror, animation, and love romance, is a new work full of love for genre movies. I think it’s a work of sensation. It’s cruel, painful, and kind to all the people who live in the present, with scars that no one can see. We hope you enjoy the warm time together, “he said.

” PARALLEL ” will be screened at Theater Shinjuku and Cine Libre Umeda this year and other award-winning films from the 15th Tanabe Benkei Film Festival.

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