The debut of ‘Twinkle Project’, a girl’s project that ‘loves anime!’

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“Twinkle Project ☆”, which was born as a girl’s project “I love anime!”, Made its debut live at “Jewel Beat !! ~ Golden Week SP 2022 ~” held at Shinjuku Bunka Center on April 30th.

“Twinkle Project ☆” started as a girl’s unit that anime songs like, such as “I want to sing anime songs!”, “I want to be a voice actor idol!”, And “I want to be a glittering idol!”. The nine members who appeared on the stage performed the ending theme “Fight on!” Of the song TV animation “Gamers!” By their senior Luce Twinkle Wink ☆.

MC declares each dream. “Standing at a big anison festival” (Kai Ai Tambara), “Standing at the top of anison idol” (Mao Matsuoka) “Singing at the arena” (Misaki Segawa) “Appearing as a voice actor in idol animation” (Nako Obana) ” “Acting as a voice actor with a 2.5-dimensional stage” (Kyoka Mishima) “Becoming a voice actor by making use of Fairy Voice” (Kii Suzuma) “Take me to the big stage, the star of the smile that shines on the stage” (Nagi Ichinose) ” I want to be an almighty voice actor idol who can do both action and variety. “(Suzukazu Yukihashi)” I love cosplay, the height of member 1. I don’t want to end idols and cosplay with self-satisfaction. ” I appealed well.

After that, 9 people performed the theme song of Luce Twinkle Wink ☆ using the scale. Luce sent an ale saying, “He showed me a fresh and dignified performance while being nervous. I have made friends and rivals who can work hard together.”

On May 14th, the Twinkle Project’s ☆ first solo performance “TWParty ☆ vol.1” was held at Asakusa Kageki Theater. On May 21st, he will stand with Luce Twinkle Wink ☆ and Ange ☆ Reve on the stage of “May” I go with you? I would like to pay attention to the activities of the “Twinkle Project ☆” that started my dream.

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