In ‘Healer Girl’ Episode 6, Sonia and Kana have Russian food at the school festival!

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TV anime “Healer Girl” is broadcast from April 4, 2022 (Monday). The pre-cut and synopsis of song 6 (Episode 6) have arrived.

“Healer Girl” is a completely new original TV anime in which the chorus unit “Healer Girls” is in charge of the voice actor.

The story is set in a world where “voice medicine” that cures illnesses and injuries with songs exists. It depicts the activities of Kana Fujii, a girl who aims to become a “healer” who is a user of voice medicine.

Singing 6 will be broadcast on May 9th (Monday). Synopsis, click here for the preceding cut!

I wonder if they came to the Honosaka Treatment Center as a helper. Sonia is usually arrogant, but the three of them are completely impressed by the surprisingly serious work.

On the other hand, I wonder if I was a member of the school festival executive committee before I knew it because of Sonia’s money. She was involved in the Russian cuisine study group in addition to the work and executive committee of the treatment centre, and the cultural festival that was greeted beyond the busy days seemed to be a turbulent feeling …?

Screenplay: Noboru Kimura Storyboard: Yasuhiro Irie Director: Motoki Nakanishi

Animation director: Yukie Akitani Animation director: Ki-kun

In addition, from 19:20 on May 9th (Monday), singing 1 to singing 5 will be delivered at once, and the cast student special program “Healing Program Vol.2” starring Healer Girls will also be delivered.

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