The light novel ‘Reincarnated Princess and Genius Daughter’s Magical Revolution’ TV animation in 2011 Starring Ayaka Senbongi and Manaka Iwami

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Mr. Pierrot’s light novel ” Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Daughter’s Magical Revolution ” (published by KADOKAWA) will be made into TV animation and broadcast in 2023. Ayaka Senbongi and Manaka Iwami have decided to appear, and the first promotional video and teaser visuals have been released.

In this work, Anisphere Wynn Palletia, the princess of the Kingdom of Palletia, has memories of her previous life and longs to fly in the sky with magic but cannot use magic by nature, repeating dubious research. A “reincarnation x genius” magical fantasy depicting a future that opens up together with the genius beautiful girl Euphilia Magenta. The latest volume 5 of the original novel will be released on August 20th. Comicalization is also being serialized in “Dengeki Maoh” (published by KADOKAWA).

Senbongi aims to become a witch who uses magic to make someone smile but plays the role of Anisphere, who is called Princess Kiteretsu due to her many eccentricities. Iwami is expected to be her next queen, and even though she strictly disciplines herself to meet it, she plays Euphilia, the duke’s daughter who is declared annulled by Anisphere’s brother, Prince Algard.

The first PV contains a scene in which Anisphere reaches out to Euphilia, who is heartbroken when her engagement is suddenly broken off. In addition to the two, you can also hear the voice of Prince Algard (cast undisclosed). The teaser visual also shows the appearance of the two main characters.

Shingo Tamaki ofAhiru no Sora ” will be the director, and Naomi Ide of Action Heroine Cheer Fruit ” will be in charge of the series composition. Do. Diomedia will produce the animation, the creators of ‘ Ahiru no Sora ‘ and ‘ Isekai Pharmacy. ‘

Below are comments and illustrations from the cast, director Tamaki, and the original author.

Ayaka Senbongi (role of Anisphere Wynn Palletia) I’m Ayaka
Senbongi and I’ll be voicing Anisphere! On the set, I was free to act freely, and I could record each episode facing each other so I could play Anise in my way !! I think that’s one of the charms of this work, so please look forward to Anise and Yuffie!!

Manaka Iwami (role of Euphilia Magenta)

I will play the role of Euphilia. My name is Manaka Iwami . I play Yuffie, who is steady, earnest, and clumsy, with a lot of thought every time I play her!!

Crow Pierrot (Original)

“The Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Daughter’s Magical Revolution ” is an anime! This is also because of everyone’s support! Thank you very much!

I’m filled with anticipation, thinking that Anise and Yuffie will move and have voices!

I hope all the fans will look forward to it!

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